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Dispatch: ““Why was the case closed?” Park Bom’s Controversy, ’21’ Doubts & Truths”

201471153747y0vvnet_T5_85154“Why?” is the question that’s been tugging on everyone’s tail. With YG’s head president, Yang Hyun Suk, already releasing an official statement explaining their truth and stance, the public is still half in doubt. Then again, who wouldn’t be doubtful when a popular girl group member was allegedly being accused of “illegally smuggling” drugs? However, it has been confirmed that prosecutors decided to “close the case”, or in other words, release Park Bom. Though the misdemeanor was deemed to be true, a judgement was made that the crime was not a matter serious enough to carry through with a charge or further investigation.

This is where the doubt begins to form.

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SBS ‘’Roommate’’, Breakfast Is Served In Bed for Park Bom

On the 29th, SBS Roommate will air its 9th episode in where rice cake and dumpling soup is served as breakfast for 2NE1’s Park Bom.

While Park Bom was sleeping, Park Minwoo suggested a way to wake her up with Nana and both prepared yummy food containing rice cake and dumpling soup which they took to her room however the two failed in to waking her up, an easier said than done task and decided to leave the food in her room.

However not long after they left, Park Bom did not fail to catch the scent of food lingering around the room and slowly woke up to food placed near her that caught her eye. Upon smelling the scent she completely woke up bringing laughs as it once again proved that food was the only way to wake her up.

Bom soon settled in her bed, enjoying the delicious meal like it was her daily routine.

Source: Newsen

Translated By: Yasmine@WeLoveBom


Top Member (-Popularity Wise) Of The Most Popular Idol Groups


The power of the fandom is no exaggeration, especially in the idol fandom. The fans love idol groups but they also have one specific member they show more love to, those are the idols ‘’in charge of the group’’. These groups have members who are good at singing perhaps good at dancing or even the visual, those are known to be specific areas the members are in charge of. For example fans step into the fandom of the most known member and through that they learn about the entire group.

# 2NE1 Park Bom

2NE1’s Park Bom is in charge of that. She has an incredibly sexy image mixed with a charismatic appearance on-stage but off-stage she has a super cute and unpredictable side. Her sexy image is oozing with charisma that has captured many hearts of males and females as well as fans however Bom hasn’t just charmed them with that. After 2NE1’s reality program debut, she charmed them all with her adorable ‘’8-D alien’’ personality and due to that, many have found 2NE1tv to be more fun to watch.

Many loved to watch Bom cutely mumble things and the most popular scene out of the whole first season- her being caught eating the corn she loves dearly while being on a strict diet. Not to forget her latest appearance on ”WINNER TV” where Lee Seung Hoon and Park Bom cutely bickered like a newly formed couple has gotten many positive interest too.

In addition, Park Bom has recently joined SBS their new variety show ‘’Roommate’’ where she showcased her adorable yet dorky side yet again with her love for bread and pudding. Her unique personality and intimidating charms has gotten her many new fans- thus her being recognized as the one who has the most fans within the group is no surprise with her explosive and numerous charms/sides.

**the previous one was slightly miss-translated, apologies for the mistake.

Source: tenasia

Translated By: Yasmine@WeLoveBom


‘’Roommate’’ SM-YG Collaboration, 2NE1’s Park Bom & EXO’s Chanyeol, ‘’Charms Exploded’’

‘’Roommate’’ shows two idols collaborating of different agencies, ‘’SM Entertainment’’ and ‘’YG Entertainment’’ their two artists are ready for a collaboration, a ‘’shocking duo’’.

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