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141028 2NE1’s Interview with Star Talk in Macao with English Translations


2ne1 says they have been to many places for the concert stops and they are happy to meet fans from many locations.


A: It’s difficult for me because every stop have different memories that are dear to me~


CL: Being able to shout and scream on stage is a form of de-stress~

CL talks about her learning experience from the fashion week: I find it fun and like to mix and match my clothes


Bom: I really love variety shows, I hope I would get a chance to be on one again

CL: We all tried MCing jobs be it as a group or individually for me, I prefer performing on stage over MCing

The MC asked Minzy if she would like to try MC-ing duties since she is so active

MINZY: I also hope to try if I have the chance

CL exposes Dara’s and Minzy’s love for taking selcas

Dara: ” AHAHA I prefer taking funny selca’s over pretty selcas”

CL: DARA always bring the selca stick wherever she goes

CL: AH hahaha MINZY also like to take selcas!! Her poses, expression and angles are really good!

CL’s reply to the MC’s question abt their yearend schedules: ” we hope to able to smoothly complete this tour, as well as YG fam tour”

Source: 520stars1

Translated by: B0Minator

141024 Cute Fanaccount of Bom at Incheon Airport Heading to Taiwan


She gave Bom a Halloween candy n ask for sign. Bom gave everything on her hands to the manager while preparing to sign. While walking, the manager dropped the candy n it cracked. Bom frowned n punched his arm a few times n asked him to buy her new one.

Source: momo’s fb

Translated by: 2addicted2NE1

MTV Iggy: “Rebel Rebel: 5 K-pop Acts that Won’t Conform: 2NE1″


It’s not every day that a guy dancing around on a fake horse makes headlines, but that’s precisely what Psy did with the video for his über-viral 2012 hit “Gangnam Style.” Most of the 2 billion people that watched the music video didn’t pick up on the deeper social commentary and critique of Korea’s middle class, but it’s plain to pretty much anyone who knows where Gangnam is and how to pronounce it. What’s more, it was not an isolated incident. Hiding amid the sequins and leather tap pants, some other popular K-pop groups are coming out with incisive messages of their own.

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Collection of Fanaccounts of Park Bom at Macao and Beijing

zMONEWCHEN @ Instagram (Arrival at Macao’s airport)

When helping 77(name of a fan) to get Bom’s sign, Bom was such a cutie as she was full of questions.
Bom asked: Why is her name 77?
She was very curious about it, so I explained to her with my awkwardly structured English!!!


(Note: Not sure if Bom asked in English or Korean)


AudreyYen @weibo (Arrival at Macao’s airport)

Bom is super cute!! Her beauty is overwhelming! She waved to me as I called out for her. Actually if I persisted, I could have had shake hand with her, but I feel it’s better to keep my distance so that she wouldn’t feel uncomfortable.
After they got into the car, we got to stand very closely to the car. Bom even blew a kiss to us!


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Billboard: “2NE1’s K-Pop Hit ‘I Am the Best’ Gains Spins at U.S. Radio Stations”


New York and Boston stations have adopted the Korean banger into their playlists.

In the week ending Oct. 19, the electronic/hip-hop hybrid single was played 24 times on WBMP New York and 14 times on WODS Boston. Both stations published accompanying articles on their respective websites about the band and “I Am the Best,” with WODS Boston telling readers to listen for the song on air.

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