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PSY, BIGBANG, 2NE1 Performance Relay With Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga’s concert will be held at the same venue where YG FAMILY CONCERT, a concert including YG artists like PSY, BIGBANG and 2NE1, will take place.

The concerts will be held for 2 days at Jamsil Sports Complex on August 15 and 16 under the title “AIA Real Life: NOW Festival 2014.”

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‘’Roommate’’ Sixth Character Card, ‘’2NE1’s Park Bom, TOP Artist & has an 8-D Character’’


SBS ‘’Good Sunday’’ newest variety show that has yet to premiere revealed its sixth character card featuring girlgroup 2NE1’s Park Bom.

Recently the eleven cast of ‘’Roommate’’ completed filming for the first episode. While the premiere date is nearing, SBS is revealing character cards slowly of each cast member, attracting many attention from the public.

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Former YG Executive Andie Chung Posted Pre-Debut Photo of 2NE1 on Instagram


Former YG Executive Andie Chung: “back in the days during the period when i brought choreographers and dancers for a month at a time training 2ne1 to prepare for their debut. originally there were only 3 members, but Sandara came to me every morning pleading to be included in the training sessions, and her persistence and sincerity finally moved me… on the photo is Michele Martinez, sexy dance partner for Justin Timberlake on most of his m/v and performances.”

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2NE1 Takes China By Storm With “All Or Nothing” World Tour Concert


2NE1 successfully took the stage at its “All Or Nothing” world tour concert in Shanghai.

On April 11, 2NE1 performed at the Shanghai Grand Stage. The group began their concert with “Crush.” The members appeared on stage wearing gold uniform-like outfits and captured the audience with their charisma.

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Girlgroup, Billion Thanks Park Bom For Greeting Them With a 90-degrees Bow Although They’re Still Rookies



New 6-member girlgroup ‘Billion’ mentioned about 2NE1 as their role models and Park Bom’s 90 degrees bow greeting to them on an interview.

The group’s first solo album ‘Remove Before Light’ with the title track Dancing alone which is in electronic genre and has clubbing beat and peaceful melody.

Billion recently had their interview with Newsen and the girlgroup mentioned 2NE1, Park Bom in particular. Member Gi Ryun said “We went to a broadcasting station for a music program and we met Park Bom sunbae (senior). As a group who’s living with 2NE1 as rolemodels, we were really nervous for a moment. But Park Bom sunbae greeted us who are just newbies with 90-degrees bow so we’re really thankful. 2NE1 is our rolemodel but rather than having the similar music style with them, we want to have each members’ unique colors and personality.”

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Source: Newsen

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