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090606 2NE1 to Release 1st Offline Album With A New Concept in July


Newcomer 4-member group 2NE1 is set to release their first album and present yet a new look in July. This will be the first time they will release an album offline.

2NE1 debuted beginning of May with the song ‘Fire’ as a digital single which is currently one of the top hot tracks on various music charts. On the 6th, YG Entertainment revealed, “2NE1 will release their first mini-album at the beginning of July which includes 6 songs. At first we thought of them releasing the mini-album this month, but we had to push back the date due to some issues in schedule for the MV filming.”

“This will be the girls’ first offline album release. And they will be back with a complete different look, opposite of the strong feeling ‘Fire’ gave- they will be back with a more feminine look and new charms.”

Meanwhile, the girls are set to perform ‘FIRE’ for the 3rd time on SBS Inkigayo on 7th June.

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090605 2NE1 Wins 3 Awards on Cyworld Digital Music Awards


Girlgroup 2NE1 snatches 3 awards at the Cyworld Digital Music Awards (CDMA).

The group won the ‘Song of the Month’ with the song ‘Lollipop’ sang together with labelmates Big Bang during the 34th CDMA, along with another ‘Song of the Month’ for ‘FIRE’ and lastly ‘Rookie of the Month’ in their debut month.

The song ‘Fire’ has also set a record by selling 200,000 singles on CyWorld.

These are amazing results delivered by them considering that they have merely just debuted a little over a month ago and have already snatched two song of the month awards as well as a rookie of the month award.

Meanwhile, the girls will be at Seoul GunGook University on the 10th of June to perform in front of 800+ fans.

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Source: KBites

090603 2NE1, “Our Role Models Are Lee Hyori & Uhm Jung Hwa”


Girlgroup  2NE1 has revealed that they take singers Lee Hyori and Uhm Jung Hwa as their role models.

 During a guesting on MBC radio ‘Park Kyung Rim‘s Starry Night’ which was their very first radio broadcast, they were asked, “Which sunbae singer do you want to be like” and their answers were automatically  Lee Hyori and Uhm Jung Hwa. Member Park Bom answered Lee Hyori while the rest of the members answered Uhm Jung Hwa.

And when they were asked about male stars they like, Bom answered Jang Dong Gun, Dara answered Won Bin while CL & Minji answered 1TYM‘s Teddy and Brad Pitt.

The girls also talked a little about the behind story of their journey in becoming a singer. Park Bom shared, “I was a kid who loves to sing and enjoys it alot. When I lived in America, my parents sent me to study something different but then I switched and studied music for three years.”

She also shed some tears when she talked about studying there and then suddenly transferring back to Korea to become a trainee,

Sandara Park shared, “When I heard Seo Taiji’s songs, I wanted to be a singer. Even as I was promoting as an entertainer in the Philippines, I still held the dream to sing in Korea.”

CL also added, “For me the dream to become a singer started after my dad let me listen to Lauryn Hill‘s music.” Youngest member Gong Minji shared, “Through the words of my grandmother Mrs Gong OkJin, which were ”we have to be modest on stage”, through that my dream to become a singer/performer was born”

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Source: KBites

2NE1 Ranked #3 ’16 Best Selling Girl Groups of All Time’ on InsideMonkey


3. 2NE1

Country: South Korea

Record Sales: 66.5 million

Cl, Minzy, Dara, and Park Bom, together form 2NE1. With two immensely successful studio albums “To Anyone” and “Crush”, the band has over 27 million digital downloads already. Their 2012 concert at Prudential Center, New Jersey has been named the year’s best concert by New York Times.

Source: insidemonkey

090522 2NE1 To Bring an Upgraded ”FIRE” Performance For Their 2nd Stage


2NE1 is set to have their 2nd stage of ”FIRE” on the 24th May on SBS Inkigayo.

For their activities, YG Entertainment has announced that they will control the group’s performances. As a newcomer, they will only perform once a week.

2NE1 is said to be one of the most anticipated newcomer group of the year. Even before their debut, they had taken the spotlight along with label mates Big Bang for their collaborative CM song ”Lollipop.”

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090520 2NE1, “Big Bang Is Like A Big Mountain We Wish To Be Like.”


2NE1 expresses their gratefulness for being nicknamed the ”Female Big Bang” and receiving so much interest and love, even before their debut.

The four girls sat down for an interview with ”Newsen” on the 20th May and they talked about the label the public gave them.

2NE1 commented, “The core to this all is the public that took interest in us and gave us our nickname. We’re actually very thankful and grateful to be compared to our seniors and labelmates Big Bang.”

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