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2NE1 Ranked #3 ’16 Best Selling Girl Groups of All Time’ on InsideMonkey


3. 2NE1

Country: South Korea

Record Sales: 66.5 million

Cl, Minzy, Dara, and Park Bom, together form 2NE1. With two immensely successful studio albums “To Anyone” and “Crush”, the band has over 27 million digital downloads already. Their 2012 concert at Prudential Center, New Jersey has been named the year’s best concert by New York Times.

Source: insidemonkey

090522 2NE1 To Bring an Upgraded ”FIRE” Performance For Their 2nd Stage


2NE1 is set to have their 2nd stage of ”FIRE” on the 24th May on SBS Inkigayo.

For their activities, YG Entertainment has announced that they will control the group’s performances. As a newcomer, they will only perform once a week.

2NE1 is said to be one of the most anticipated newcomer group of the year. Even before their debut, they had taken the spotlight along with label mates Big Bang for their collaborative CM song ”Lollipop.”

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090520 2NE1, “Big Bang Is Like A Big Mountain We Wish To Be Like.”


2NE1 expresses their gratefulness for being nicknamed the ”Female Big Bang” and receiving so much interest and love, even before their debut.

The four girls sat down for an interview with ”Newsen” on the 20th May and they talked about the label the public gave them.

2NE1 commented, “The core to this all is the public that took interest in us and gave us our nickname. We’re actually very thankful and grateful to be compared to our seniors and labelmates Big Bang.”

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090519 Perez Hilton features 2NE1’s debut stage


Famous American blogger Perez Hilton first introduced the street version MV to the debut song of group 2NE1 ‘Fire’ previously. He also posted a video fo the MV for CM song ‘Lollipop’ last month.

And on the 17th, Hilton introduced the girls’ debut stage on his blog. He posted a video of the their debut performance SBS Inkigayo on 17th May. Seems like there has been loads of interests roused by the debut of these girls.

2NE1 will move on with their 2nd performance on SBS Inkigayo on 24th May.

Source: KBites

6 Epic #KPop MVs That Went Outside the Box and Created a Whole World: 2NE1’s Come Back Home

kpop_worldsWhile music videos always feature a particular concept and theme, its not very often that they create and show off a whole world. These are usually big budget videos that escape the “music video box” and a normal modern day setting.

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090516 2NE1 Prepares A 6-Minute Long Performance For Their Debut on SBS Inkigayo


YG’s upcoming 4-member female group 2NE1 will have their debut stage on SBS Inkigayo on 17th May with their debut song ‘Fire’.

For this debut stage, the 2NE1 members have put in much time and practice intro preparing it, and is highly anticipated by fans.

It has been known that their debut stage will be 6 minutes long with an ”intro” video for their performance. The video was filmed in  SBS Centre on the 15th May.

For the filming of the ‘Intro’ video, not only were there 3 new sets made but also an equipment called the body mount cameras was used which has never been used before for broadcasting programs.

YG Entertainment also said, “There is high expectation and anticipation for this group2NE1. Even though such anticipation can be pressurizing, we have carefully prepared the music, stage and costumes to their performance.”

Cr. KBites