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2NE1 Win ‘Favorite Girl Group Album’ & ‘Most Promising New Girl Group’ on Billboard’s 2015 Girl Group Week Poll’s 2015 Girl Group Week has come to an end, and to mark the occasion, we wanted to reveal the results of our second annual Girl Group Week Readers’ Poll, which let pop fans vouch for their favorite girl group songs, albums, videos and more. With thousands of votes cast in the three days that the readers’ poll was open, it’s time to congratulate Little Mix, 2NE1and t.A.T.u. for coming out on top in some of the major categories!

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Billboard: “Will a K-Pop Girl Group Take Over the U.S. Soon (Or Ever)?”

Pantech "Vega R3" Launch

What will it take for a group like 2NE1 or Girls’ Generation to break big in the States?

In the past five years, South Korea has looked to its girl groups to be the ones to break into America’s pop scene. Barring PSY‘s unexpected breakthrough with “Gangnam Style” — which many fans still don’t deem a “K-pop” breakthrough — a Korean group still hasn’t penetrated the scene in a meaningful way, despite fan bases that rival (and at times proven to be stronger than) One Direction, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. Will a K-pop girl group ever become a U.S. phenomenon?

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2NE1 Wows Grammy Award Viewers in Microsoft Ad

BtD0hZ5CcAA-yxl_2Did you see the popular South Korean girls group 2NE1 at the 2015 Grammy Awards on Sunday, February 8? It turns out that Microsoft placed a commercial during the Grammys that uses 2NE1’s hit song, “I Am The Best.” In case you missed it, here’s the ad that’s creating a buzz among K-pop lovers.

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FuseTV: “19 Workout Songs For Your 2015 Get-Fit Playlist”

You don’t need to understand Korean to get pumped up from this K-pop jam. “I Am the Best” is a now-classic, empowering anthem and even Microsoft used it in a commercial to tell their competition they were, well, the best. Show those gym rats who’s boss!

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2NE1’s “CRUSH” Album Ranks at #6 on Rolling Stones “20 Best Pop Albums of 2014″


Almost two years after K-pop first giddily barged into America’s imagination, the genre hasn’t sustained a post-“Gangnam Style” wave, but the Seoul machine keeps humming. Female foursome 2NE1, buoyed by a cameo on The Bachelor, moved more units of their album in its first week of release than any previous Korean act.

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Billboard: “The 10 Best K-Pop Albums of 2014 — #1 is #2NE1’s CRUSH”


Even diehard fans will admit that it’s tough to find an entire K-pop album worthy of being labelled brilliant from start to finish. But there were a select group of artists who proved the notion wrong with cohesive bodies of work in 2014. (And see our list of the 20 best K-pop songs here.)

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