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Yang Hyun Suk Explains Why Virtual World Gets Destroyed in 2NE1’s “Come Back Home” MV (Interview)


With the release of 2NE1’s 2nd full album’s music videos, the founder of YG Entertainment YANG HYUN SUK, who is also the editor of the videos, personally explained the concepts of the clips.

Through YG’s official blog YG LIFE, 2NE1’s music videos of the title song “COME BACK HOME” and another track “HAPPY” were unveiled at 2:01 pm on March 3.

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NoiseyMusic’s Interview with 2NE1


There’s no doubt that Korean pop phenoms 2NE1 are entering the most fascinating phase of their career. Rapper CL, dancer Minzy, and vocalists Bom and Dara first stormed the scene in 2009 with the barnburner “Fire,” then cemented their international renown with instant classics like “I Am the Best” and “Lonely.” They earned the respect of everyone from Diplo to Jeremy Scott, enjoyed accolades like MTV’s “Best New Band in the World” award in 2011, and built a fanbase empire with foreign legions as far-flung as France and Brazil.

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2NE1 Address Lengthy Album Delay: “We Focus on Each & Every Song”

Korean girl group 2NE1 is one of the driving forces in K-pop’s international expansion: The quartet was the first Korean female group to stage a world tour; snagged them for his #willpower LP, which also boasted guest spots from Britney Spears, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus; plus, the girls have 5.8 million Facebook ‘likes’and 1.9 million YouTube subscribers.

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Starcast: “Missing You ~ 2013″…2NE1’s last diary


2013, there is one day left.

“Missing you~ missing you~ miss~ing you~”

Maybe! Would there be any other group like 2NE1 that was active in 2013 and who will miss 2013? After the leader CL started off with her solo song ‘The Baddest Female’ in last May, 2NE1 was restless until December.

The total of three songs’ Falling in love’, ‘ Do you love me’, ‘Missing You’ has dominated the music site and Bom presented a carol song with YG singer Lee Hi.

A one busy year. In what way would 2NE1 remember the year 2013? We were curious about the things they laughed, cried, sad and felt not enough about. It is the so-called ‘2013, missing you’.

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2NE1 Interview: “There’s a difference between genuine and fake songs”

2NE1, “노래는 진심인 것과 아닐 때 차이가 나더라” (인터뷰)

YG’s girl group 2NE1 has always been the strong one. In a relatively slow-tempo songs ‘Fire,’ ‘I Don’t Care’, ‘It Hurts,’ and ‘Lonely’, they still never let go of the powerful vocals and their provocative appearances. CL, with her solo song ‘The Baddest Female’ released this year, showed the public the epitome of ‘powerful’. But in winter 2013, the strong group returned with a very unexpected sentimental ballad ‘Missing You.’ If the previous songs were known for their strength in their voices, ‘Missing You’ is one with loose vocals. That power is now instead replaced with much genuine emotions.

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2NE1′s Interview: “Members cried because Missing You topped the charts”


CL: Recently, due to the lack of on-screen activities, Dara unnie was devastated because primary school kids didn’t recognize her as the Dara of 2NE1. So sometimes, they will think that we are the old generation guiding the new, but everyone still loved their music, that’s why our existence is special.

The 2NE1 sitting in front of the journalist doesn’t seem to be the ‘fierce unnies’, and their tone is very mellow.

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2NE1 Congratulates Teddy and Wishes They Were in Relationships Too


2NE1 recently congratulated YG Entertainment’s biggest producer Teddy on his recently publicized relationship with actress, Han Ye Seul.

On November 25, the news of Teddy and Han Ye Seul dating broke and drew much public interest. According to reports, the couple began dating six months ago.

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STARCAST: 2NE1 in Inkigayo waiting room ‘interesting 1mm backstage’

131126 StarNaver BTS for Missing You Inkigayo Comeback_1

♪ Missing You, Missing You, Missing You~~


This is ’2NE1‘. 2013 was a year of change indeed. Last July, they conveyed a fresh reggae feel through ‘Falling in Love‘. In August, they showed a fierce performance through ‘Do You Love Me’.

And in November, the last one for the single project came out. The new song is ‘Missing You‘. It is a 2NE1-style ballad song that can be matched with ‘It Hurts’ and ‘Lonely’. In this cold winter, they released a sentimental ballad song to warm our heart.

‘Missing You’ was first performed at ’2013 MAMA’. To tell you the truth, it was an abrupt decision to perform at ‘MAMA’. That is why we only had three days to prepare for the performance. We were so happy to come back on a big stage, but we had a regret, too.

We put the past behind and released the performance of ‘Missing You’ first in Korea through SBS-TV’s ‘The Music Trend/Inkigayo’ on November 24. We felt awkward to sing a song while standing still at first, but we adapted to the situation and focused on the lyrics. We had a satisfying result.

Are you wondering about behind-the-scenes stories of 2NE1’s comeback stage of ‘Missing You’? We are going to show you the waiting room to the readers of ‘STARCAST’.

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Dazed & Confused: “2NE1′s Korean Journey”


K-pop’s baddest and best girl group touch down to speak about I LOVE YOU and their fans.

2NE1 do not play by the rules. Since debuting in 2009 they’ve become one of K-pop’s most recognisable and internationally celebrated groups. Despite being put together with the same lazer-eyed accuracy that marks K-Pop’s rigorous selection process, the word ‘manufactured’ feels misused when referring to Bom, Dara, Minzy and CL.

The notion of ‘girl power’ might be old school to the West but until 2NE1 stamped their studded heels down, female K-Pop acts felt more like candy coloured day trip for little girls or a skimpily clad, ajhussi pleasure fest. Experimental visuals sit alongside big, bold concepts that allow 2NE1 to demonstrate both strength and femininity, while in CL they have a leader both outspoken and encouraged to be, a rarity for the South Korean entertainment industry. Their first, and so far only, full studio album was in 2010 and despite repeated hints and rumours of an October 2013 release, 2NE1 are keeping everyone hanging.

This fleeting London visit saw their first ever live UK performance; another tease for their fandom, the Blackjacks, who took to Twitter on November 4th to voice their impatience for new material. It might have trended worldwide but guess what, the official line is as vague as ever, no matter how hard you ask. And really, we did ask.

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