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2NE1’s Interview for NHK Asia Music Network with Translations


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Interviewer: How are your performances in Japan?
CL: Funny. When we do performances in Japan, the fans always come doing cosplay and that make us so happy. We see the photos and we really want to take a photo with all of them. It’s not only the clothes but the makeup, hairstyle, expressions and details. We enjoy to see it too.

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Lydia Paek Mentioned Park Bom’s “Don’t Cry” in Cuvism Magazine Interview (July 2013)


What was the first song you worked on?

It was Park Bom’s solo song “Don’t Cry” that was released in 2011. Teddy-oppa wrote the lyrics and we worked together on the melody. I feel like it didn’t take too much time.

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Credit: ygfamilyy (read the full interview here)

B1A4’s Baro Mentions Park Bom in Review Star’s Interview


Q: Whats the “Spring” (Bom) that you remember the most? – Park Sihwan

Answer: 2NE1’s Park “Bom” sunbaenim. Joke. I remember my 23rd spring. Every day was happy ^__^. – B1A4 Baro.

Source: reviewstar via deerfox2

Translated by: Cathy@WeLoveBom

A/N: If you don’t understand, Baro was just using word play since Bom in Korea means Spring ^^. (but I guess everyone knows that kkk)

Andrew Garfield Mentions 2NE1 on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Interview


The stars of the film also expressed their interest in Korean pop culture. Garfield mentioned the girl group 2NE1, a group he met when he visited Korea in 2012, and Stone also said she liked Arirang. Garfield, who plays the role of Spider-Man following his performance in the first film, said that he tried to act like Bruce Lee, very thin, but with killer abilities. He elaborated that if Thor was a muscular hero, Spider-Man was a character who gave hope to children as skinny as he was.

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Park Bom’s Interview Cut on Taiwan’s Cho Magazine


Q: It has been four years since your last album, what thoughts do you have and what is so special about the album?
A: In this album, CL contributed in composing and writing of lyrics for five songs, especially our hit song ‘Come Back Home’, it is really good! This album ‘CRUSH’ fills with 2NE1’s character and spirit, hope everyone will like it!

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