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140330 Funny Fanaccounts of Park Bom with Fans at 2NE1 2nd Fansigning Event

Bom always calls me a liar when we meet because my nickname is CLism but I tell Bom I am BOMism. she called me a liar n I told her I was being called a liar bc of her n she just replied with “Isn’t it the truth?! Liar CLism! – 


Fan: You look so young!

Bom: Thank you!

Fan: But arent you too old to like Poong Poong?

Bom: HUL! T^T

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Fantaken Photos of Bom & Minzy Leaving SBS Inkigayo + Fanaccount “BOM: I didn’t cry!!!”


Bom was embarrassed and asked everyone to forget about her crying on the stage. this was when they’re leaving, fans asked bom not to cry, bom put her head out shouting: “I didn’t cry!”

Credit: 書zs via blackjackpui

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Fanaccount of A Lucky Fan at AON Rehearsal (Day 2)

Source: mbreadcrumbs


According to KBJs, the rehearsals today was better because Bom tried to lift/open Dara’s clothes to show the audience her abs. ^^

Source: WeLoveDara

Lucky Fans at 2NE1 “All Or Nothing” Concert in Seoul (Day 1) (Bom’s Towel + Bom’s Autograph)



BOM taking the fanboard with her while singing Lonely

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Compilation of 2NE1 “All Or Nothing” World Tour Day #1 Live Fan Reports


This post is a compilation of various fan posts I found around Twitter.

  • Teddy, Yang Hyun Suck, Jay (YG choreographer) Lydia Paek, WINNER (WINNER did the performing entry), apparently YG’s new girl group (some fans saw Jenni Kim, one of the members of the group), Thunder and Mir from MBLAQ, Jung Ill Woo, Minzy’s mother and her sister Minyoung, CL’s father & G-DRAGON

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Fanaccounts of Sweet & Talkative Bom at 2NE1 Autograph Session in London


The first thing Bom said to me was “I remember you!” 

Bom wanted to take a picture with me but the London security said no ;-;

Bom said to me “I really love your style and everything”

Bom asked me “whats your name?” I said “Lee” and she wrote ‘Ree♡’



I JUST mET F*CKINg PARK BOm please shes so cute she started spelling my name with s oh my f*ckin god im shaking plzzz

park bom is real life gorgeousness oh my god an actual barbie

i could cry oh my god she’s absolutely perfect my heart hurts

by: makeup


Mini Fan Account of 2NE1’s Arrival at Zhengzhou Xinzheng Airport


【21-接机】131001 2NE1 抵达郑州新郑机场 接机独家照片预览~~离得好近!!!官亲在家里坐着都激动啊!!听说现场的妹纸们见到我们妞都激动得哭了ㅠㅠ~~小队一出来就拿着手机一直在拍~~~bom接到了咱们群里姑娘送的青蛙!!!不行不行。让我去哭一哭~~~太美了~~

[2NE1 - Arrival] 131001 Solo preview pictures of 2NE1‘s arrival at Zhen Zhou Xin Zhen airport~~ They were really close!!! Sitting at home feeling really excited!! I heard that my fellow fans at the airport were so filled with emotions that they cried upon seeing them (2NE1) ㅠㅠ~~ Once the group (2NE1) came out they were taking photos of them non-stop~~~ Bom received a stuffed frog toy from us!!! I cannot I cannot. Let me cry~~~ It’s too beautiful~~

Source: 2NE1Fanclub中文粉丝站

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