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141220 Funny Fanaccounts of Bom at 2NE1 Blackjack Nolza Fanmeeting in Nagoya, Japan

  •  CL asked “Bom-chan! How do you feel?” and Bom answered “Bom-chan feels so good!”. She was so cute.
  •  Minzy was ero as always, Dara had a small and pretty face, CL was sexy and Bom’s voice, face and all was cute!

★ At the drawing time, the girls had to draw Blackjack Nolza’s Logo. Bom’s drawing didn’t look like a (a spade, BJN logo) but like a butt with growing wings. Before show it to the fans, CL and the MC laughed so hard. Then the MC added a stick to the drawing but…

MC: Bom, you’d better not draw that ^^; because it looks like a butt with something into it!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Then Bom and the fans laughed too. The victory of the resulting logo drawing was for Bom.

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141219 Cute Fanaccounts of Bom at 2NE1 Blackjack Nolza Fanmeeting in Fukuoka, Japan

  •  Dara was so pretty, Minzy was charming, Bom’s voice was awesome and CL was so sexy.
  •  Bom sprayed her mist spray.
  •  Bom sprayed her mist spray like 30mins after the fanmeeting started and also inside of her clothes.
  •  Bom wanted to go somewhere and the manager was behind her.

Bom: can I go?

Manager: You can’t.

  •  The girls forgot the Jap lyrics so they sang in Korean and mixed w/Jap and it sounded like alien language.

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141212 Funny Fanaccounts of Park Bom at 2NE1 BlackjackNolza Fanmeeting in Tokyo, Japan

If there’s a box in the room and the manager says not to open it, which member would most likely open it? (Fans scream) “Bom~ Bom~~”

Other people Bom would open it and even Bom said Bom will open it… “Open the box!” like that? ㅋㅋ

MC: Would Bom really open the box?

Bom: Yeah~~ If they tell me not to open it, it just makes me want to open it.

Bom: I think I’d open the box even just a little bit

MC: I think that’s human psychology. Even I’m like thatㅋㅋ

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Cute & Funny Fanaccounts of Park Bom at 2NE1 BlackjackNolza Fanmeeting in Osaka (Day 2)

Drawing showdown

1. The duck floating in Dojima river 1st place to CL

2. YG 1st place to Bom

Minzy was super cute, CL was so sexy, Dara was so thin but pretty! Bom wore pants (couldn’t see legs) but she’s my goddess!

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Fanaccount of Park Bom at Pudong International Airport, Shanghai


Successfully sent Bommie off today, gave her the fansite’s fan and banner to autograph and she also accepted our gifts. She stopped to make autographs and waved before entering the departures! She was so nice… In the gift i prepared in a rush, I gave her a “Mike” (monster inc. ) portable charger and some biscuits although the packaging might be a little sloppy but as long as it conveys our sincerity it’ll be okay! bon voyage eonnie/unnie!!

Source: PBCN

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141024 Cute Fanaccount of Bom at Incheon Airport Heading to Taiwan


She gave Bom a Halloween candy n ask for sign. Bom gave everything on her hands to the manager while preparing to sign. While walking, the manager dropped the candy n it cracked. Bom frowned n punched his arm a few times n asked him to buy her new one.

Source: momo’s fb

Translated by: 2addicted2NE1