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Park Bom Showing Some Love to Fans on Instagram: Liking Spree on Her Birthday!”




Happy birthday Park Bom unnie!! See the worldwide trend? You are on the top of it. That means, you are special. Never forget that blackjacks are always here for you.. That we will still love you no matter what because the relationship between 2ne1 and the blackjacks are more than an idol and fan relationship.. We are more than that, because we are a family..we are the family and friends that will never leave you despite your imperfections.. We will always love you for who you are.. because we believe in you and we trust you. So unnie, you have to be happy, okay? We love you and we miss you. Happy birthday Park Bom #instashot #nocrop #박봄HasBloomed #ParkBom #8DimensionalAlien #2ne1#Bom #HappyBirthdayParkBom #corn #blackjacks

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