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140221 2NE1 Genie App Concert Event Announcement

“CL: Everyone, it’s been a while since we’ve seen you. We’re back with fun news. In 2014 of March, we’re starting our 2nd tour. Whoo!
Dara: The first stop is, no other than, Seoul, Korea! It will be held at the Olympic Stadium on March 1st and 2nd. We’re gonna have a hot and exciting concert for two days.
CL: It’s been a while… there’s another important news, right?
Bom: Yes! We’re going to have an event with Genie for our concert tour.
2NE1: Woah~”

Source: kt music
Translation By: CLASSIFIED KJOP @

Park Bom’s Certification Shot in London, “A Queen of Dazzling Backside Legs”


2NE1‘s member, Park Bom released one of her photos in London.

On 7th, girlgroup 2NE1’s Park Bom tweeted, ‘’My Last Night in London’’ with the picture attached to it. In the picture, park bom strike a pose with london street as a background. She’s wearing her invisible hotpants and gained many admirations from her luxurious showed long legs.

Earlier, Park Bom showed off her superior beautiful legs through plain fashion or stage costume. As her backside picture in London become a topic, her past picture also gained an attention.

Netizen’s response with “Park Bom in London street is an all kill” , “I wanna switch my body with her” , “Park Bom London picture, just as a pictorial” , “Beautiful woman’s backside” and more showing a variety responses.

Meanwhile, on 5th (local time) 2NE1 had their concert at the opening “KBEE 2013” (Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo) in Old Billingsgate London, UK.

Source: Naver

Park Bom gives Se7en a Message of Support before his Enlistment


Member of girlgroup 2NE1′s Park Bom left a message of support & expressed her loneliness towards her senior artist Se7en who has been already enlisted in the army.

On the 19th through her twitter account, Park Bom tweeted “Dongwook is going to army today. Senior Se7en, we will work hard while waiting for you. Come back fast. Fighting!” together with a photo of him posing with Se7en. On the photo, Park Bom & Se7en showed their closeness as Park Bom was with a “V” pose and Se7en was lifting up his thumb.

Netizens who saw the post & photo commented “They look so close to each other”, “Park Bom is so pretty”, “Come back safely from the army Se7en oppa!”

Source: Nate News

Translated by: Cathy@WeLoveBom


tvN E News: Park Bom attended the same school as Hilary Clinton?!

[Aired on 2013.2.25] Park Bom who wanted to be a singer! Despite objection from her parents!
She attended a famous school in the USA which Hilary Clinton is an alumni of and subsequently transferred to a famous music school on the East coast

This news feature, called ‘The Unexpected Global Elite’ discusses how Bom attended the famous Lesley College (which counts various famous figures such as Hilary Clinton as an alumni) and Berklee College of Music.

But even more shocking are what looks like never seen before cuts of 2NE1TV in the video, begging the question: is MNET holding on to even more unreleased footage?



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