090327 ‘’Female Bigbang’’ Officially Named ’’21’’


The official name YG upcoming group, also known as ‘Female Bigbang’ to netizens, has been revealed. YG Entertainment revealed on 27th March, “The 4-member group, known as ‘Female Bigbang’, will be officially named 21 (투 애니 원).” 

The meaning to the name is that the group will produce music that is fresh like the age of 21. And like the number ‘21′ in a game of blackjack, it means to never lose.

The fans have been waiting for the group to be officially named for some time. ‘21′ will consist of members Sandara ParkPark BomCL and Gong Min Ji. The team leader will be CL.

The group has already made topic amongst netizens when they did a CF for LG CYON with group Big Bang. Their CF was also revealed on 27th March.

The group will debut beginning of May. Furthermore, their debut album will have Big Bang’s G-Dragon as one of their producers, making their debut an even more anticipating one for music fans.

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090328 Official Teasers for ‘’Lollipop’’ (feat Big Bang)

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090325 ‘’Female Big Bang’’ and Big Bang Collaborate Together with New ”Lollipop” CF!


Fans will finally get to see ‘female Big Bang’ for the first time together with Big Bang this weekend!

With their group name not yet decided, ‘female Big Bang’ is a name that netizens gave the 4-member group under YG Entertainment 4 years in preparation. They will release a digital single ‘Lollipop’ on the 27th of March through sites like Melon and Mnet, and on the 28th, they will appear in the CF for LG Electronics CYON.

They will appear in a new ‘Lollipop phone’ MV for LG CYON. They will be working together with fellow colleagues Big Bang for this project. ‘Lollipop’ MV will be revealed around end of March to beginning of April.

The members of this upcoming group consists of Sandara Park, Park Bom, Gong Min Ji and CL. YG Entertainment said, “Big Bang G-Dragon has a part in the lyrics and composing for ‘Lollipop’ CF. And from March, the group will officially debut. Because of the amount of time into preparing this, we have many good songs for them and they will be promoting till the end of this year.”

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090318 ‘’Female Big Bang” Will Take Off Their Veil Through a CF Shot w/ Big Bang on The 18th


”Female Big Bang will meet their fans through a CF before debuting.”

On top of that, more attention is attracting because it is planned to be a through a CF with Big Bang. Their team name has yet to be established, but they are under the management of YG Entertainment, which is the company of popular idol group Big Bang, and are known as ‘Female Big Bang’ online.

This new female group will release their debut album in May and meet their fans formally.However, the 4 members of ‘Female Big Bang’ will meet their fans initially at a different place. That is the CF they did withBig Bang.

According to entertainment news from the 18th, ‘Female Big Bang’ shot a CF of some product somewhere with Big Bang on the 18th. Big Bang has become the CF model of this product, and, at the same time, ‘Female Big Bang’ has become models with them as well.

It is planned that Big Bang and ‘Female Big Bang’ will sing a new song together in this CF. The CF‘Female Big Bang’ and Big Bang shot together is scheduled to be televised in April at the latest.

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090314 ‘’Female Big Bang” To Debut in May & Be Active All The Way till Year-End


With their name not officially known to have decided, the group was called the ‘female Big Bang‘ by netizens until their May name is confirmed.

YG Entertainment said,”We had plans for YG’s new female group to debut in April. Much effort has been put into the selection of songs etc hence the earliest that fans can meet with this group will be in May.”


Right now, they have completed about 10 songs. We have also in mind what the title song will be out of the 10 songs. But until their debut in May, we will collect more songs for the album.

The YG representative also added, “They will release singles and minialbums and will continue to be active all the way to year-end. There is a possibility they will release a digital single every month.”

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090226 Yang Hyun Suk: “Female Big Bang’s weapon is refreshing music”


According to Yang Hyun Suk, ‘The female Big Bang‘,unlike Wonder Girls and SNSD, will have refreshing music like Big Bang does.

YG Entertainment’s representative, Yang Hyun Suk (39) introduced the “female Big Bang,” who will debut around April~May, in a recent interview with YeonHap News. This group, which some netizens believe is named “Sista,” although the name has not been determined yet, consists of Park Bom, Gong MinJI, CL, and Park Sandara.

Representative Yang said, “Rather than competing with Wonder Girls, SNSD, or other female groups, they will probably have diverse music […] The members have been confirmed: Park Bom, who participated in the AnyCall CF with Lee Hyori and Lee Junki; Gong Minji, granddaughter of Ms. Gong Okjin, a traditional Korean dancer; very skillful CL, who searched for me at YG to give me a demo without prior arrangement; and Philippines star Park Sandara, whom I was debating whether to include in the group.”

He then explained, “I thought that Park Sandara would be more fitting as an actress, but I was pleasantly surprised after she recorded with 1TYM’s Teddy. If the other members are like meat soup, which has been boiling for a long time, Park Sandara is like the salt [which you spray on top]. Whether she was influenced by the tough natures of her colleagues or not, I even discovered a hiphop disposition in her. As for CL, famous American music label Interscope’s president Jimmy Ivan was amazed by her talent when he saw her.

Representative Yang also said, “I decided to have them debut once they reach their full potential. Although they have practiced singing and dancing in the practice room together for a long time, I anticipate them to improve as the days pass.

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090122 YG Entertainment, ”5-Member Girl Group Will Debut in April”


“The members and songs have been decided. The only thing left is the group’s name”, said YG Entertainmentwhose girl group has become the music industry’s hot topic of discussion even before their debut with the title of Female Big Bang.

They are now recording their album and preparing for an April debut. Sandara Park who has attracted much interest and discussions about her inclusion has been officially added to the group. Park Bom, CL,Gong Min Ji, Sandara Park along with another member (yet to be revealed) will make up the 5-member girl group and match the same number of members in Big Bang.

Their official debut date may however differ according to how far they go in their recording sessions. However, as of now, it’s expected that they will still debut in April.

Studio recordings have already begun on the 19th with Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon being put in charge of producing their debut album.


The group name is still pending. There have been stories that the group’s name would be Sista. But that wasn’t a name that was put out by YG Entertainment and is actually something that the fans themselves have created.

According to a YG Entertainment staff, “The members and the basic date of their debut have been finalized, but we haven’t decided on their group name yet. Once it’s decided, everything regarding them will be confirmed. But there are a lot of worries now because no good names have surfaced as yet.”

If ‘Female Big Bang’ releases their debut album in April as expected, then the first half of this year will really heat up with intense competition between numerous girl groups. Following in the footsteps of theWonder Girls from last year, Kara’s Pretty Girl was released and is still being performed. This was followed by So Nyeo Shi Dae making their comeback in January and Pledis Entertainment After School girl group subsequently in the same month.

That’s not all. Former Wonder Girls member Kim HyunA will also debut with a 3-member girl group in March and with ‘Female Big Bang’ debuting a month later, the competition is expected to get really intense. If JYP Entertainment ‘Wonder Girls 2′ and SM Entertainment ‘The Second Soshi’ also make their debut within this year, a Girl Group Renaissance will occur over a period of time.

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080908 YG Preparing Female Group, SM-YG-JYP ‘Female Idols’ Head-To-Head Confrontation!


SM-YG-JYP Entertainment companies which churn out top Korean stars now pit their top female idols against each other. Already in it’s 3rd generation of idol groups with male groups, SHINeeBig Bang2AM 2PM, this has become a golden generation for idols where the competition is fierce.

Representing Lee Soo Man’s SM Entertainment is the nine female idols of their only female group, Girl’s Generation. Expect the girls to make a comeback with their 2nd album later this year. Last August, Girl’s Generation were at the the top with their debut single, “Into A New World” and later releasing Lee Seung Chul’s remake of the song, “Girl’s Generation” which was one of the top hit remakes last year. Blue Sky’s Yu Young Suk will be producing their upcoming album which is already creating quite buzz.

JYP Park Jin Young who is recognized in the American market already, is also sharing the spotlight with his group, Wonder Girls who  is receiving world wide attention as they announce the release of their upcoming second album in September. Images of the Wonder Girl’s members newly transformed look that’s expected to be part of their new album has been circulating online already causing great anxiety among fans waiting for their new release.

Last year was “Lies,” and this year, “Day By Day” YG’s hit male group, Big Bang continues to dominate the competition. And now, YG also plans to send out a female idols group to challenge the competition. Yang Hyun Suk is in the process of preparing a female group known as the “Female Big Bang” and with G-Dragon helping to produce, anxiety of their release runs high among fans.

There was already widespread interest about YG female artists such as Park Bom who has starred in Any Star commercial’s alongside Lee Hyori and Lee Junki. Also, Gong Min Ji who is the granddaughter of famous Korean folk dancer, Gong Ok Jin and CL who is known for her superior rapping skills.

YG had planned to debut his female idols group at the beginning of summer this year but they needed more time for the album preparation therefore their debut had to be delayed. All eyes will be on these groups to witness what turn of events unfold as they compete against each other.

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Now while we wait patiently, we had an option of going on hiatus ourselves—but that wouldn’t be so exciting now would it?

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