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[MYSTERY PROJECT] WELOVEBOM x TSUYA NAIL (Bom’s Handwritten Message Included!)

wlbxtsuyanail (3)

That’s right! Does everyone still remember the announcement of a mystery project which has been kept hushed over the weeks?

No it wasn’t the special songs we had prepared– it was our special collaboration with ”Tsuya_Nail”— the place Bom always goes to get her nails done! Remember today‘s update of Bom’s new gorgeous set of nails? It was all provided by yours truly, WeLoveBom! Ofcourse all thanks to the fans that supported it and our staff that generously donated for this side project.

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170131 Bom’s Instagram and Twitter Update: “One of the cuts of Bom scenes”

“One of the cuts of Bom scenes from the ‘Goodbye’ MV… Acting lonely.. 😘❤️🐘🐻🍀🙏

Translation: kristinekwak
Source: Bom’s Twitter

170120 Kang Da Hyun Updates Instagram with Gorgeous 2NE1 in GOODBYE MV


“I can still hear the song hovering in my ears… Will any other girl crush come out as wonderful as them? I have been and will continue to be a true fan…forever This is their last music video together I’ll forever cherish this as a fan”

Translation: WeLoveDara
Source: Instagram