090520 2NE1, “Big Bang is like A big mountain we wish to be like.”


2NE1 expresses their gratefulness for being nicknamed the ”Female Big Bang” and receiving so much interest and love, even before their debut.

The four girls sat down for an interview with ”Newsen” on the 20th May and they talked about the label the public gave them.

2NE1 commented, “The core to this all is the public that took interest in us and gave us our nickname. We’re actually very thankful and grateful to be compared to our seniors and labelmates Big Bang.”

“But at the same time it puts alot of pressure on us for being attached to such great seniors, the popular male group Big Bang. There’s also the pressure of people taking interest in us since we’re the first girlgroup in YG Entertainment after like, 10 years. It’s a huge deal.”

“But we;re really thankful for the concerns and also want to thank our fans for everything. We will definitely do our best and wont disappoint anyone that took interest in us”

2NE1 also talked about Big Bang, who actually are their labelmates. ”Big Bang seniors helped us alot. They monitored our first stage and personally came down to give us support. YG Family is not a family for nothing, they’re all like family to us. Everyone actually stopped by and gave us a lot of advice during our MV filming and debut preparations, even during our practice sessions. It’s really heartwarming, and we are really thankful for all the support we got.”

They continued, “Big Bang is a really great group. To us, they are like a very high mountain we wish to climb and be like them too. We want to bring out new things to the public as a female group.”

The girls already had their debut stage on Inkigayo and also shared their feelings about their debut stage, ”Until now, it doesn’t feel real to us at all. The first broadcast was like a dream for us. We did our very best to bring out a different feel to the public with ”FIRE” after ”Lollipop”, a complete new concept we prepared hard for.”

**minor changes by WLB staff

Source: KBites



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