Park Bom Interviews on K-Star Magazine

God’s voice which was said by G-Dragon

Q: Is your taste in clothing the same as the clothes you wear on stage?
A: No. At first, I didn’t like it at all. (laugh) I like cute style.
Q: Do you have interests on make-up?
A: Yes, it’s so funny and I’m researching on it.
Q: I think you and Big Bang were together from trainee time. What is Big Bang like?
A: They’re still the same. We always play with Big Bang. We went skiing together yesterday as well. During our training time, we’re always together, and I’m close with GD and SOL. We not only talk about work, but also personal issues.
Q: Do you have any other artists that you are close with?
A: I don’t really know or keep in touch with the artists from other companies.
Q: Where do you mostly shop in Korea?
A: I like select shopping [10 corso como] and [Tom Greyhound] in KangNam.
Q: Among the songs that you have released, which ones would you recommend?
A: “You And I” and “I Don’t Care”
Q: At last, please say something to your Japanese fans.
A: We’re preparing to meet you guys soon. We want to make a new trend. Please enjoy 2NE1’s songs, new fashion, and hot stage.
Translated by: Didikuro @

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