Park Bom Is One of the Best Vocals in the Business!

Portal Ezday conducted a poll asking for the female and male artists with the best vocals. Which artists were voted to the top of the ranking?

Portal Ezday asked, “From male to female idol singers, who has the best vocals?” and 2287 people in the ages from 20 to 40 voted for the idols they believed to have the best vocals.

They chose IU as their number 1. She received 41% of all votes and was followed by Girls’ Genration’s leader, Taeyeon, who received 18% of the votes.
Other female idol singers who made it into the top 10 of this poll were as followed:

Davichi’s Lee Haeri
2NE1′s Park Bom
Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea & Narsha
f(x)’ Luna
SISTAR’s Hyo Rin
Wonder Girls’ Seon Ye

The male idol singer who was chosen as the best was 2AM’s Chang Minfollowed by JYJ’s Xiah. While Chang Min got 30% of the votes, Xiah received 19%.
Netizens voted also the following male idols into the top 10 of the poll:

Big Bang’s Daesung
C.N. Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa
F.T. Island’s Lee Hong Ki
2PM’s Junsu
Supreme Team’s Simon D
SHINee’s Jonghyun
Super Junior’s Kyuhyun
BEAST’s Yo Seob

Source: Newsa

Translated by: iBigBang

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