2NE1 Talks About Boyfriends, Park Bom “I Want a Guy Who Works Hard at and Is Good at What He Does”

As soon as the four 2NE1 members hear the word, ‘boyfriend’, they started squealing like female highschool students. There’s not a sign of the overflowing charisma and rebellion that they show on stage, and the room is filled with fluttery feelings and slightly red faces. As they looked between each other nervously, the younger ones pushed the unni, Sandara to speak. Sandara Park started off with a long heavy “si~gh” before she began speaking.

“I’m confused these days. I haven’t dated for 5~6 years. I think because my dating DNA has died, any guy who takes a glance at me will be unimpressed.” She said in her unique, concise voice without wavering. As Sandara Park spoke those words like she had given up, everyone burst into laughter. “Originally my ideal type was Wonbin. I really liked his character in the drama, ‘Tough Guy’s Love’. He was a tough younger guy who had a one-sided love for an older woman, it was really cool.” After being asked whether she wouldn’t want an older man, she replied, “I’m the type to date younger guys.”, “Since I don’t think very maturely, I think I’d get along well with younger guys. I just don’t like rude guys. I guess a guy who gives off opposite feelings? There are guys that are pretty boys, but when you get to know him, he’s a tough guy.” The other members next to her threw in,“Dara-unni has high standards.”

CL, who up to this point had revealed her ideal type as Teddy, recently changed her ideal type.“President Yang Hyunsuk told me to stop talking about Teddy oppa. Haha. I want a manly guy who can respect me. A positive and energetic person.” The youngest, Gong Minji, started talking about Usher. “A while ago, I went to his concert and he was really glowing. I want a guy who can take full care of his body like Usher.”

Park Bom also stated, “I want a guy who works hard at and is good at what he does.” “It’d be great if he was in music. Like if he was in business, the music business….” When thinking about the words ‘hard-working’, ‘good at what he does’, and ‘music’, we asked, “Wouldn’t that be Lee Seungki?”, to which she said “I guess so~” and burst into laughter.

However after a wave of laughter, 2NE1 looked slightly sullen. When asked the reason, they responded in a sullen voice. “We usually only stay in our apartment, but eventually we will date. However even amongst us, it seems like we almost never talk about guys. Could it be that since we have such a great relationship, we don’t need boyfriends? Ha ha ha.”

Source: Sports Chosun
Translated by: GEE@ygladies.com


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