Park Bom’s Interview from Nylon Japan Magazine

● Who is your favorite artist/song recently?
→ It has never changed, it’s Beyonce!

● The current type of music you like now?
→R&B and HIPHOP. It has not changed for a long time.

●What makes you different among 2NE1 members?
→Honestly speaking, my fondness for make-up. I like make-up more than clothes.

● The current recommended make-up?
→ “Bom makeup during FIRE” of first mini album, the eye line was blue with black line around my eyes. It really became popular.

● Please share with us how you see 2NE1 in one year, 5years, and 10years.
→First of all, I want to become famous in Japan after a year. I want to become famous in Asia after 5years. I have a dream of helping people who wants to become a singer like me, I want to do that in 10years.

●  When did you realize you really want to become a singer?
→One day while I was still in the U.S. I thought, “I do not need to eat, I’ll only listen to music.”

●By the way, when did you go to the United States?
→When I was 13years old. I stayed there for a long time until 7 or 8 years has passed then I returned home. I majored in Psychology when I was in college.

● Please share with us your favorite bag and what’s always in it.
→My favorite bag is CHANEL. My phone, make-up kit, and a medicines for the emergency are always in it.

● Your type of guy?
→The sense of the character is a good person.

● What do you do when you are in love?
→I change. I do something that I usually do not do.

● Please tell us the secret to have a good sleep.
→I always check the smell of my bed before sleeping! (laughs)

Please take note that these are just ROUGH translations.

Not 100% accurate.

Rough translations by: EritsuuuuN@Twitter


3 thoughts on “Park Bom’s Interview from Nylon Japan Magazine

  1. foreverspring

    Haha, forever 8d Bom unnie~ Smelling your bed before sleeping?? That’s so weird of her, but cute! :3

    And I respect that she has so much love for r&b and hip hop. It’s great to know that she’s been true to herself all this while, pursuing her passion.

    In this cut-throat entertainment industry, there are idols who do it for the sake of being an artist and couldn’t care less of what genre they’re doing. :/

  2. Solar Panels

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