Park Bom Included on the List of ‘Beauties with Luscious Lips’


It is their “secret weapon” to look attractive.

In Hollywood, Angelina Jolie is not only recognized as a talented actress but also she is popular for owning a pair of thick luscious lips.
Because of the popularity of Angelina, the women all over the world to accept a “standard” about the sexy image and that there is nothing wrong with it. Actually, in Korea, many female artists who have thick lips are on the top of the best beauties Kbiz list.
Having luscious lips is one of the things Yoon Eun Hye is known for since she entered the business.
Min Jung Kim’s “70’s fashion” paired with her luscious lips and round face made her look younger.



Park Bom who represent the “feminine image” of 2NE1
is is showing a cute look with her luscious lips.


The star of “Glass Shoes” – Kim Hyun Joo had wowed audiences in Asia
with her small face and thick lips.
“Snow Queen” Sung Yu Ri is called “Korean doll” thanks to her
attractive perfect lips
Sexy diva, Uhm Jung Hwa looking very beautiful with her
Western features and thick lips.
Yoo In Na, although she’s still a “rookie” in the business
she is gaining a lot of attention, thank to her pretty face and luscious lips.
Im Soo Jung looking cute and youthful
Song Hye Kyo is probably the most famous star with luscious lips
and charm which is hard to resist.
She was ranked No. 18 in poll “These beautiful women have beautiful faces in the world 2010”
(Vietnamese news site)
Translated by: NikaiStar@gbomsince2006

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