Featuring Park Bom, GD’s request? (”Bom has a good singing voice” – G-Dragon)

The two members G-Dragon (Kwon Jiyong) & Park Myungsoo on ‘‘Infinite Challenge” featured 2NE1’s Main vocalist Park Bom in their collaboration song.

Featuring Bom in the group of GD & Myungsoo became a hot topic. Bom made a suprise appearance on MBC TV’s ”Infinite Challenge” of the ”West Coast High Way Festival” in the song ”Wind” she was featured on with GD and Myungsoo. YG Entertainment requested that another ”family member” should join the duo.

Aired in December last year, MNET’s 2NE1 TV season 2 featured Park Bom and G-Dragon recording in the studio. G-Dragon complimented Bom’s voice back then saying ‘‘In every song that her voice goes, it’s a hit. Her voice is very good” he continued praising her by saying ‘‘If her voice doesn’t come in one of our albums, we can’t release it”.

Again G-Dragon featured Bom in ”Wind” to improve the quality and support.

The ”Infinite Challenge” 3rd ‘West Coast Highway Festival’ included singers such as G-Dragon, 1mcm, Midon, Sea Boys, Sweet Sorrow and more. The members also have partners in this episode.

Source ; TVreport.

Translated by ; Yasmine@WeLoveBom.

Note; The translations are rough, there might be some mistakes, so please take not.


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