YG-Life blog updates on 2NE1’s comeback

About the first broadcast…

The first broadcast for 2NE1’s new song “I am the Best” will be this week on SBS Inkigayo.

The broadcasting company in question had considered giving 10 minutes for 2NE1’s comeback stage however YG Entertainment had informed them that they politely requested they only sing one song.

Even if they are only on the stage for one minute for their comeback, and even if it’s both the artist and the production company’s wish to have more time, the reason that YG has requested less time is

Rather than busily preparing one song, we want to focus more at the end on the practice for “I am the best” and we believe that it is more important to focus on creating a stage that has a higher degree of perfection.

The Music Video Release Schedule

On the 24th at 12AM.. we planned on releasing it along with the digital song however
The music video for “I am the best” we will have to delay the release of the music video by 2 or 3 days.

After bringing up the scale of the music video, it has become a slight problem..
Is it a fault that we were greedy and wanted to make it amazing, and thus we were a bit excessive? Compared to the music videos by 2NE1 in the past while, it cost about two times more than anything they’ve done previously.
The set and the scale was bigger than we planned for. Because of that, the time that it takes to edit the second half has increased.

We are very sorry
And we hope that everyone will anticipate and be excited for it. Thank you.

Source: YG-Life
Translated by: GEE@YGLadies

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