Team GG with Park Bom Interview @ Infinity Challenge (Uncut ver. + translations)

MC: Thankyou for bringing to us this wonderful performance. Can our Jiyong ssi, our Park Bom ssi and Park MyungSoo ssi come to the centre of the stage.

MC asks Park MyungSoo Ah, are you satisfied with today’s performance? Which part are you most satisfied with?

Park MyungSoo: Ah, it is what I had expected, especially since Park Bom came and performed with us (A/N: Can’t really be heard due to the cheering from the audience)

MC: Park Bom ssi, during our first rehearsal, there were only the both of them, GG, and we didn’t saw you. So when you suddenly appeared on stage, all of us were shocked, because none of us had expected Miss Park Bom to be able to come.”

Ji Yong: She’s our team’s hidden card.

MC: Ah, this arrangement is really unexpected.

Park Bom: Ah, because I’m their secret weapon, I wasn’t even allowed to go to the washroom.

MC: Really?

MC asks Park MyungSoo: Ah, because Miss Park Bom is a secret weapon, she didn’t even go to the washroom, and has been waiting till now.

Park MyungSoo: That’s why her face is slightly pale.

MC: No, she purposely came for the ratings(?) of the show. So what position do you think you guys will get?

Park Bom: Can I give an honest answer?

MC: Yes yes, an honest answer.

Park Bom: 1st position.

MC: 1st. Ahhh..

Park MyungSoo: Then who’s the 1st?

Park Bom: Huh?

MC: She said 1st position.

Park Bom: First

Park MyungSoo: Ah 1st.

MC: She said 1st you still have to ask who is the 1st.

(Everyone starts laughing)

Park MyungSoo: Because it’s been a long time since I used so much energy.

MC asks Jiyong: What do you feel after recording and collaborating with Park MyungSoo?

Jiyong: Ah, it is really tiring. At first, he keeps scolding me (laughs), but after we found a common point, we are able to cooperate. Working with Park MyungSoo hyung is okay actually.

MC asks the audience: How’s the performance by them today? Oh very good, the audience are all screaming.

they’re saying that Park MyungSoo looks like he is Jiyong and Park Bom’s person so I can’t translate it.

MC asks Park Bom: Ah as compared to others, because Park Bom is the secret weapon, so up till now, she has not gone to the washroom. Is that okay?

Park Bom: Yes, I’m fine.

Park MyungSoo: Actually if you cannot take it, you can just relieve yourself here.

This caused everyone to burst into laughter.

MC asks Jiyong: Will you agree if Park MyungSoo invites you again in two years time to do the festival song?

Jiyong: Yes, it won’t be a problem, but since I’ve collaborated with Park MyungSoo hyung, I would want to change a partner so that I can learn more and different things.

After that, Park MyungSoo ‘threatened’ Jiyong saying: Two years later, if there’s still this event, Jiyong will still work with me, because during our recording for the song, I’ve found his weakness point.

MC: Ah, did Park MyungSoo secretly filmed Jiyong during recording, and he is unaware of it?

Park MyungSoo: Yes, thus he have to collaborate with me. (Jiyong), don’t need to worry.

MC: Park Bom, we heard that 2NE1’s album is in the middle of recording, everybody is anticipating for it. If you guys want to feat anyone, how about featuring Park MyungSoo.

Park Bom: Because (Park MyungSoo)’s voice is very unique, so if we want to feature him, we have to invite him.

Park MyungSoo: (Because of the crowd, can’t really hear him clearly) Eh, I have also caught her weakness point. (Not really sure what he said due to the crowd’s cheer, but he said something about imitating someone’s voice.)

After that, the MC asked the audience if they’re tired as they’ve recorded for a long time. The audience replied that they weren’t tired.

MC asked: Are you hungry?

Audience: Yes.

MC: Actually, we’re also hungry.

After that, they thanked Jiyong, Park Bom and Park MyungSoo for their performance, and cheered for them as they walked down the stage.



Video credits as tagged via youku

Re-uploaded by: nikaistar@WeLoveBom

Korean-Chinese translations by: meilian87@baidu

Chinese-English translations by: Celeste@WeLoveBom

*Take out w/full credits! Do not edit nor take out this part*


One thought on “Team GG with Park Bom Interview @ Infinity Challenge (Uncut ver. + translations)

  1. Spring86

    IHAA daebak…hitting the roof for 13th times already and hav been certified All Kill and Perfect All Kill by Instiz…but there is no article about IHAA was PK.not like DC and Lonely. Hopefully WELOVEBOM ADMINS make an article about that. Bom is a Queen of PK.winning streak for the 4th times …start with DC,Lonely, IATB and now IHAA.


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