2NE1 Park Bom also achieves ALL KILL status

The new female group which debuted this year , 2NE1, is having a good result in their solo activities. Following Sandara Park, Park Bom released her first solo song ‘You And I ‘ and achieves an ALL-KILL on Korea’s real-time music charts which affirms the power of 2NE1’s solo.
2 days after the release of  ‘You and I’ , it hits no.1 in main music charts such as Melon, Dosirak, Bugs, and Cyworld. YG is also stunned by the ALL-KILL achieved by Park Bom.
All-kill with ‘You and I’ is achieved at the same time when other top stars like Ivy are continually releasing new songs and making their comeback, so it has a special meaning for Park Bom.

Some people related in the music industry claimed that talented 2NE1 has showed their real value out of other girls groups who only own cute and sweet ‘Barbie’ image .

In the development of ALL-KILL generation, the new song with Park Bom’s outstanding singing techinique has help a lot.
Simple melody of  ‘You and I’ mixed with Park Bom’s amazing voice created a lifting effect. 
The public is deeply impressed by such a song with hiphop and R&B style sang by a woman which is rarely found in Korea.

In this summer, this girl group who consecutively achieved the highest status in this music industry with their song ‘Fire’ and ‘I don’t care’, followed by the release of Sandara Park’s solo song,

Park Bom also hits an ALL-KILL 4 days after the release of her new song, persisting the ‘storm’ of 2NE1.

Source: Osen

Korean-Chinese translations by: Chika @ 21impact

Chinese-English translations by: Wan @ WeLoveBom

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