TVCF Awards Lists 2NE1 & Dara as ‘CF Model of the Year’ Nominees

Earlier we reported that three Dara CFs were nominated for 2011 TVCF Advertisement Awards, additional nominations have been announced. Both 2NE1 and Dara individually have been nominated as CF Models of the Year. In addition, the entire me2day promotional campaign is nominated for BEST PROMOTIONS.

The girls are one of only a few nominated idols. Aside from A-list actors and actress, SNSD, Bigbang, Kim Hyun Joong, IU, Nickhun, 2PM and Yoona are also nominated. Special mention to YGE’s former maknae PSY for also being a nominee.

The TVCF Awards recognizes outstanding local and international CFs during the nomination period of, December 1, 2010 ~ November 30, 2011. A panel of experts decides the nominees and winners in three rounds. The third screening will end on January 10th.

2NE1 was ranked 8th place for most CFs this year. With the strong response to Dara’s solo CFs she was also able to be nominated as well.However, no all CFs are included, Fiore and JSX2NE1 Wings in particular. It also does not seem to include charity CFs/Campaigns.

List of 2NE1’s Eligible CFs

List of Dara’s Eligible CFs

The award show will be held on January 27, 2012 at 5:00pm at the COEX Auditorium.

Good Luck to our girls!

Source: tvcf nominees
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