Park Bom Fans Present a Soldier From The “Infinity Challenge Bonamana Event” a Gift!

The warm hearts of 2NE1 Park Bom’s fans have been heating up the internet recently.

On the morning of the 8th on an online community, a post titled “After appearing on Infinity Challenge for 5 seconds, I was thanked by the fans of an idol” made its way out to seek attention. This post consisted of screencaps from this past October’s MBC ‘Infinity Challenge – Bonamana Season 3’ concert and a message from Park Bom’s fans.


The picture (screencap) was of the day the Infinity Challenge members went to a military base camp in Suwon to hold their annual concert. At the time, many soldiers were anticipating and looking forward to seeing Park Bom come out to feature for Park Myungsoo’s “I Had An Affair” performance, sending out their loud cheers and applaud.

But on this day’s broadcast, when Park Bom’s appearance was replaced by Kim Shinyoung, the soldiers were greatly disappointed. As Park Bom had not come out to feature for this performance, one soldier’s frank and candid expressions were caught on camera. As seen in the screencaps shown, his face of grand excitement slowly turns into a face of utter disappointment as he sees that Park Bom had been replaced.

As a way of consoling this soldier, Park Bom fans have asked around looking for a way to find out who exactly this soldier was. And having finally found his name and way to reach him, the fans were able to send him handwarmers and heatpads as a gift.

The uploader of this post also added, “As a way of thanking this soldier for having anticipated Park Bom’s appearance so much, Park Bom’s fans ‘The Bom’ sent him hand warmers and heatpads to show them their appreciation” and that “we also want to thank the Suwon Base team and staff for taking a validation picture to show that he got the gifts safely.”

Netizens who found out about this news were asking things such as, “I wonder how ‘The Bom’ fanclub even found his information?” and “The fans and that soldier are truly awesome”.

*Irrelevant parts omitted.

Source: Nate

Translated by: swaggalevel-1000


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