Fanaccount of How Park Bom Knows Her Fans Well

This is when they came back from New York
As soon as Bom came out I asked her to sign my TheBom slogan.
Me: Write my name please!
Bom: Kristine!

but she didn’t write my name. i was like super excited that she recognizes me now so before she got into the car i asked her to say my name to the camera one last time.

she was busy signing someone else’s paper so she was looking down
me: can you say my name again?
bom: whos name?
me: mine
bom looks up at me and said “kristine”

but the manager blocked my camera RIGHT when she said my name.. 😦
oh well at least she knows me! 🙂

And here is when Bom just got back from Singapore for 2011 MAMA, she’s holding a tumbler from Kristine with her name on it


Source: kristinekwak


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