WeLoveBom’s First Project Update!

So if you remember, we had our first ever fansite project during second half of 2011. But due to the unexpected changes in our site staff members’ schedules in work and school, we were unable to finish this in due time. And for that, we would like to apologize especially to our dear donors.

But.. don’t worry! Because now as we speak, the gifts are now in Park Bom’s hands! And it’s all thanks to theBOM’s head admin Qooang. She personally handed our gifts to Park Bom last January 9th, when Park Bom just got back from Japan, at the Gimpo Airport.

Here are photos of the gifts we sent her:

+ Rice Wreath for Nolza Concert in Seoul

(In collaboration with 2NE1 Korean and International Fansites)

And when Qooang was at Gimpo Airport, here is how she handed our gifts to Bom! The gifts were put in handbags which one of our admins provided.

Photo courtesy of QOOANG

So now, our first project is a SUCCESS!
We would like to apologize for having it finished very late though.
We promise to work harder for our next project, which will be for Park Bom’s 29th birthday celebration!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated and we hope to have many more projects with our fellow BOMbshells


4 thoughts on “WeLoveBom’s First Project Update!

  1. bommiejagunglove

    finally, news XD i hope we’ll get to see her wear the hoodie and hope she’d read the message too of course. can’t wait for future projects, gonna save some money to donate ^^

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