Kim Yuna and Park Bom Have Doppelgangers! How Alike Are They?

Idol lookalikes? Just like doppelgangers, a few idol lookalikes have been spotted. In 16 January’s episode ofTVN’s “Martian X file”, the appearance of the lookalikes of national skater Kim Yuna and 2NE1’s Park Bom, as well as Choi Hyo Jung has garnered the viewers’ attention.

The Martian lookalike of 2NE1’s Park Bom has a similar figure to Park Bom’s, lest to say. However, she even has a similar voice and figure with the singer, shocking everyone. The lookalike, who gives free hugs to others in amusement parks, is already signing for the fans. This Martian lookalike is able to imitate Park Bom’s special expressions and pose, and even dyed her hair red.

Park Bom’s lookalike is quietly enjoying her current similar appearance as the idol.

*Irrelevant part omitted

Source: eNews24 via Nate

Translated by: 芥末@ParkBomChina + meganz21@WeLoveBom



5 thoughts on “Kim Yuna and Park Bom Have Doppelgangers! How Alike Are They?

  1. Jacquelyn Guancia II

    its called cosplaying means your in character -_- try to join kpop event then you will know when everyone ask if shes park bom she always say shes not cosplay means in character so u need to act like her -_-

  2. Jacquelyn Guancia II

    and shes not a poser -_- poser means not using her own pic but she use her own pic shes just look like bom thats y u said she looks like a poser but not so stop judging her u dont know her life and her reasons ! and also stop commenting bad things about her ur just a fan of park bom u have limitations duh -_- u dont own park bom so stop acting like you do shes just cosplaying park bom whats the bad thing bout it ?


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