2NE1, Aziatix, Yoon Mirae Featured in Newsweek

The overseas ventures of 2NE1 and Aziatix are far from over, as they′ve even been featured in Newsweek.The two groups were introduced along with Yoon Mirae in the music sections of the American and Japanese issues of Newsweek on January 25, under the title ‘Korean Hip-Hop: K-Hop Goes Global’.

The article mostly covered Korean hip-hop and where it should be headed in the future. Rob Schwartz, the manager of the Tokyo branch of the Billboard Magazine, was quoted to have said, “Currently American pop music is greatly affected by R&B, and Korean hip-hop is also greatly affected by a soulful R&B never seen before in the Korean music of the past. Aziatix is hip-hop in itself, with its edgy and state of the art sounds.”

The article also featured an interview with the founder and producer of Aziatix, Jae Chong (Jung Jae Yun), to point out that Korean musicians who have grown up in America can appeal to not only listeners in the mainstream American market, but also those from all around the world.

Korean hip-hop′s reigning queen, Yoon Mirae, was also interviewed for the article. Yoon, of former hip-hop and R&B duo, Tashannie, said, “If I were to check the singles chart, at least 90 percent of [Korean] songs are R&B-influenced.”

Aziatix was mentioned as the group which had an ‘eponymous mini-album placed at No. 4 on the U.S. iTunes Top Soul Albums last May.’

2NE1 is blazing a trail in the Western part of the world, as the group was recently chosen by MTV Iggy as the Best New Band in the World.2NE1 even found its way into MTV Iggy’s list of ‘10 International Collaborations That Blew Our Minds in 2011’ and MTV Style’s ‘Top 12 Girls to Watch in 2012’.

Aziatix released the Japanese deluxe edition of its debut album Nocturnal on November 2011 in iTunes stores across the world, and rose to the top of iTunes Japan’s R&B and Soul Chart on the day of its release.Photo credit: YG Entertainment, Lune Communication

Source: enewsworld

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