Idol of the ”SNS” the New ”Star Services”

SNS to communicate with fans, showing off a new appeal

Recently various idols naturally share things happening in their daily lives. It reduces the distance between ”The Star” and ”the public”, creating a sort of connection with their fans. Communicating like that brings the celeb and the fans really together.

Everyday, the idol that shares things of their daily lives spreads like wildfire grabbing lots of attention with articles popping up here and there on famous online community boards. Usually the idols post their own ”selcas” making their fans literally go crazy. Sometimes even controversies arise but the idols keep continuing communicating with fans, while their fans still support them through thick and thin.

Idol Star. SNS 1 favorite tweeter range

SNS are primarily loved by the idols so far who love to tweet. With foreign fans all over the world, they try to update about their daily lives in just 140 characters which still is the advantage of being able to communicate easily.

Idols have a powerful influence on Twitter. By seeing their followers list, you can see how they influence a lot of fans, who basically follow them to see/get their updates if they do update.

Currently Super Junior’s Si Won is the only idol in Korea with over one million followers on twitter.

Agency-Wide communication with fans all over the world

SNS is the strategy for public relations in most ”Music Agencies”. Influences in Europe and in South America has become a blast as K-Pop is getting widely known, especially through the SNS. SM Entertainment is already on YouTube laying out their official channel.

Opened in June last year, SM Entertainment’s ”SM Town” official Facebook took about 7 months to break the one million subscribers record and has received international attention.

Park Jin-Young the owner of JYP Entertainment (Artists Agency) uploaded a video of himself back in 2006 showing Wonder Girls ”Tell Me” choreography through YouTube gaining lots of attention in the United States.

YG Entertainment’s artists create official accounts which has the SNS ability, making the singers communicate with fans which are strongly encouraged to communicate with.

Source: Star News via Nate

Translated by ; Yasmine@WeLoveBom



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