Trend Color Catch-up – Park Bom’s ‘Dark Red’ Hair

If you want to greet the New Year ”2012” with a more intense look, trendsetter 2NE1’s Park Bom is the perfect example with her gorgeous red colored hair. We recommend her bright red colored hair if you really want to go for a intense look since it’s at the same time full of overbearing personality, plus the hairstyle points alone can put you definitely in the lime light.

Park Bom of 2NE1‘s dark red colored hair, if definitely recommend and is referred to as ”the icon look”. At the same time with the intense look, she gave of a feminine charm accentuating even if it’s with curls or straight hair.

Responsible for Park Bom‘s intense red hair, Hairstylist Seohyun (Highland Beauty Shop) said ”If you want cute bangs or a youthful image, or if you want to give of a sexy feeling, tie a ponytail leaving your bangs in a straight neat line which will look definitely sexy and organized. You can also produce waves, or leave it straight. That’s really up to you.”

Styling Tip

Using different hairpins with brilliant colors is a good way of styling. The pattern or color, with many accessories worn van have this overkill feeling of reluctance.

Color’s Tip

If the skin tone is white like 2NE1’s Park Bom, we recommend the look with more bright red series. But you could also go for a yellowish-orangeish color out of the brown series which is also a good look.

Source: donga

Translated By ; Yasmine@WeLoveBom



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