2NE1′s Interview in Oricon Style Part 2

* — : Interviewer

The relationship among the four members
— Their relationship is very good, and they really hit off.
【DARA】: It has always been the four of us. Although there’s this age gap, we’re able to get along really well. Also, there’s this coordination among us. But still, there will be times where we do not agree to a certain opinion and become willful. When that happens, we will do our own self-reflection, and under basic mutual understand and respect, exchange our different view points on that issue before doing getting to a final answer.
—- Being able to build a relationship without accumulating resentment has proven that you guys have good relationship among one another.
【DARA】: Although 2NE1’s Leader, CL, is the second youngest of the group, she is very clear-cut when she works, and she’ll be able to judge objectively. This gives others the impression that the older ones are the maknaes, while the maknaes are the older sisters.
【BOM】: It is true (laughs) Dara and I are the older ones here, but we behave like kids (laughs) CL and Minzy behave like mature adults and they’re very reliable.
— Especially CL-san, she behaves like a responsible leader who’s aware of her surroundings and she has this aura around her, yet she has her manners. I heard she has a lot of older female fans, she’s really reliable mm. (laughs)
【CL】: I’m really very happy to hear these praises, but it’s not just me, all of the 2NE1 members are reliable, and everyone are mature. So, being the leader, I’m able to concentrate on working hard with the help and support from everyone.
【MINZY】: You’re indeed our Leader!

— What do you guys normally do when you’re free?
【DARA】: I’ll go home and play with my cat,  Dadoong. He’s getting cuter already. I’m the confused parent of my spoiled cat (laughs)
【MINZY】: I like to watch movies. Normally I will watch movies, read some books, or play with my dog, Dougie.
【CL】: I don’t like to go out, so normally I will just stay at home.
— That’s surprising.
【CL】: There are rumours that I often go to Club, but the fact is I don’t. Normally I will just stay at home, listen to music while I draw. Recently I’m addicted to this American sitcom ‘Friends’,  and I will just keep on repeating them over and over again. Although I don’t usually watch tv series, this drama depicts the wonderful scenes experienced with friends, and it’s so good~ ah.. I envy them.
— Though this may be something normal to us, but it’s not the case for CL. Our lives and 2NE1’s lives are different, you cannot decide what to do, so I guess there’s this strong desire
【CL】: Although I’ve fulfilled my dream in getting to where I am today, but I’m unable to head out freely now, and these kind of situations make me very unsatisfied, so I can only stay at home and watch tv series to maintain a good mood.
【BOM】: I will watch Japanese series, and sleep at the same time. (laughs) Recently I’m addicted to ‘One Piece’, and I really like Luffy.
— There’s some similarities between Luffy and Bom.
【BOM】: (smiling) I also feel that we’re quite alike after seeing him.

Wanting to have the waist of an ant this spring?!
— This is our last question. What new activities will you guys be doing this spring?
【CL】: Swimming. Although I’ve always wanted to learn swimming since a long time ago, but this seems to be my first time. It’s not the same as in Korea, I’m able to move around in Japan (laughs) I’m able to shop at ウインテ‐ジmall, buy some jeans, cut and create some beggar jeans. And.. ah I’ve got so many things to say (laughs)
【BOM】: I want to have the waist of an ant!
— Waist of an ant? Is this Bom’s quotation?
【BOM】: I want this wear short t-shirts and show off my navel this spring, so I really want a smaller waist. Because of this I’m going to the gym and take some fitness program!
— No, the waist of an ant is too small. You’re fine right now.
【BOM】: (Desperately) Nono! I must work hard to become like that! (laughs)
— So you’ve this desire for beauty. What about Dara?
【DARA】: I started learning guitar last year, but I didn’t play well. When 2NE1 have our own world tour, I want to play it there!
— I’m looking forward to it!
【DARA】: … (softly) I will work hard so that I can play. (laughs)
【MINZY】: It’s not really something I want to do in Spring.. but.. I want to travel around the world someday.
— You can use your music and travel round the world (laughs)
【MINZY】: I really want to go to a lot of countries, and let the world hear our music, and fall in love with 2NE1’s music!
【BOM】:  That’s not the first step. What’s most important now is to let everyone in Japan hear our music. Spring is the season for new beginnings, and for those who’re having problems over their relationships, school or even work, listen to our music, gain more courage, and take a new step forward with us!

Source: Oricon

Read Part 1 of interview here: wp.me/p1sH1L-3KF
Japanese-Chinese translation: 小通@2NE1baidu
Chinese-English translation: Celeste@WeLoveBom

*rough translations only* 

Take out with full credits!


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