[PROJECT#3] Mission: NOLZA!

In celebration of 2NE1’s New Evolution World Tour Concert for this year, we’ll be launching our third project, Mission: NOLZA! But before that,  here’s a link to check back at our project for last year’s Nolza Concert. This year, we will be tuning down with the amount of gifts but we’ll be keeping in mind how these gifts will benefit not only Bom herself, but reach out to the needy.


120722 UPDATE!

As per YGE’s request, all fansites are advised to join “2NE1 Forest Project”.

Thanks to @OMG_SODA

Thanks to @OMG_SODA


Trees will be planted under the name of 2NE1 in South Sudan to support the local residents who are suffering from great poverty and diseases.

With this, WeLoveBom have decided to join this project instead and we are buying 20 mango trees for this project. It costs around 345USD and the display is pretty much the same as the rice wreath we were supposed to get – 2 ribbons + messages and a banner.

Translated by: OMG_SODA

Thanks to @OMG_SODA

Either way, this will all be to help our less fortunate brothers and sisters from another side of the globe. We are grateful for everyone’s help and donation, we don’t know how to thank you  enough!


Also, being concerned about our spring goddess’s health and wellness, we will be sending a small spa basket to her in hope that she’ll be able to rest and bathe well after the concerts.

*Donors’ names will be put in a customized WLB post card which will be included in the spa basket.


1. Mango tree – USD 345

2. Spa Basket – USD100 (SF included)

TOTAL: USD445.00


To donate simply choose your method of donation and send a tweet to Unnie Admin at @jiebrick on Twitter or if you’re not on Twitter, fill up the form below and send it to us thru welovebom13@hotmail.com with the subject “WeLoveBom Project #3 Donation”



Donation method:

Amount donated:

  1. Accept donations made with credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal right away.
  2. Donors don’t need a PayPal account to make their donations.
  3. If you can’t proceed to your online banking, turn off your pop-up blocker.
  • CONCEALED CASH (Malaysia, Philippines & Singapore ONLY)
  1. We will SEND you an email with the complete address.
  2. Wrap your money with a piece of paper with your name written on it in a safe/secured envelope.
  3. Mail it to the respective address that we will provide you.
  • Western Union (WORLDWIDE)
  1. For more details you can go to http://www.westernunion.com
  • BANK DEPOSIT (Malaysia ONLY)
  1. We will be sending you an email of the account’s owner and the account number
*All WeLoveBom donors get the advantage to receive exclusive updates through our newsletters!

We’ll be grateful to receive any amount of money that you will be donating to the project. We are looking forward to everyone’s support and participation!

29 thoughts on “[PROJECT#3] Mission: NOLZA!

  1. choigjie

    Guys we really need your help for this project to become a success. So please don’t be shy and tweet us if you have any question to ask regarding the project. We will be really grateful to receive your support. *^^*

  2. corn

    hai juz wanna ask when the donation end.?
    cuz currently my pocket a bit dry..but i really wanna donate when i got my salary^^

    1. choigjie

      hai, 1 week before the concert since we need the money to ship the gifts and for the rice wreath on the concert day :).

  3. JIBOM

    i already checked the WU here…but the shipping charge is very expensive..almost 80% from money that i want to donate..i hope i can get more money soon 😦

    1. choigjie

      Oh really? Wow where are you from? I can check it for you the shipping charge… It’s okay dear 🙂 take your time

          1. JIBOM

            yes,already seen…omg..i think i can’t make it 😦 the procedures so damn complicated!!
            can i send through twitter instead??LOL

            1. choigjie

              it’s pretty easy to be honest you need to know the store located near you and i’ll give my details (name, address, and phone no.) and you need to fill in the form when you’re there and pay a bit of the fees and you’re done 🙂 we can talk oon twitter if you want 😀

              1. JIBOM

                i cant stand the fees..
                yeah,i’m not that rich..money that i want to donate not much but i just want to participate to this project..but the fees killing me.. 😦

  4. PPYL

    Hi there
    when is the deadline??
    Cus i just top up my paypal account, which will require a working day for it to be updated.

  5. dariaa18

    I was wondering if your fan-site is doing any small projects for the New Jersey concert? I came up with a little something, but unfortunately don’t have funds to get it going. I was thinking of making a red glow stick heart in the audience during the ILY performance. Here is a picture of what it would look like http://i796.photobucket.com/albums/yy245/xdarialovex/heart.jpg?t=1342139474

    There would be 73 seats involved in this so about 73 glow sticks would be needed.

    I’m sending this message to all major 2NE1 fan sites to see if they want to join. I understand that each fan site is doing their own support projects and raising money isn’t easy, but if we could all pitch in to the glow stick cost, only a small amount would be needed.

    If we buy 3 boxes (75pcs all together) of 6″ red glow sticks the cost will be $40.47 so if all 4 member’s fan-sites join, each would have to donate roughly $10 dollars.
    Another website offers the same amount of 10″ red glow sticks for $44.97.
    6″ Premium glow sticks (thicker and much brighter) cost $48 for 75 pieces.

    Please consider this and give me a response as soon as possible because there’s not much time before the concert.


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