Park Bom’s 1st Look Interview

Question: Have you expected any kind of reactions?
Bom: To be frank, even if these two here (CL & Minzy) sing children songs, they will still be able to show off their sexiness naturally.

Question: Will Park Bom have more responsiblities and worries since she’s the main vocalist?
Bom: There’s this verse in the 2nd half of the song where the lyrics goes “Don’t push me away and pull me back”. I really want to sing that part perfectly, and we recorded that part several times. It’s because to me, I feel that this particular part is the most important. Though it’s short, I really put in all my effort for that. Everything was done precisely and all the small details was taken into account. I always want to show and do my best for my fans, and now I want to give them a surprise.

*rough translations only*

Translated by: 朴春中文网微博 +
Source: 1st look


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