One thought on “[Nikon] Photo Essay 2NE1 in Philippines full ver-vert

  1. llijlove

    Hello 2ne1!

    What I really like 2ne1 most? aside from there very entertaining song and dance.. even though I don’t really understand but I still like it and I have there cd’s I played there song everyday specially when I woke up.
    I really like to watch there reality t.v. and I hope they have Part 4 cause I’m already addicted with there shows, I also really like the commercials that they have they are all stunning, smart and magnet to there fans..I like there outfits, hair style and atittudes. I hope they will have a concert here in California Los Angeles, and I will assure to watch it because that Is my dream. 🙂

    Love and suport
    llijlove from Los Angeles California


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