120704 Park Bom & Minzy’s Provocative Femininity Shown In ”I LOVE YOU” MV Teaser Pics Catches Public’s Eyes

Girlgroup 2NE1 has fired up the music industry as the teaser pictures of maknae Minzy and main vocal Bom we’re released.

On July 4th, official blog from YG Entertainment ”YG-Life” uploaded Park Bom and Minzy‘s attractive compelling provocative teaser image which has become a quite hot issue everywhere.

Showing her ”doll-like” legs while wearing a soft white silk shirt, Bom captured many male-fans their hearts with this quite sexy teaser picture where as Minzy was also seen in silk shirt in the color black while laying on the bed looking at the camera. Ofcourse maknae did not forget to capture many fans their hearts with her dark eye-make up which showed a mature feminine side of Minzy.

Fierce girlgroup 2NE1 is always proud to present cool music which attracted many both in Korea and overseas, but this time 2NE1 did not fail to impress with a new side through ”I Love You” as they showed more femininity with a unique and stylish touch.

In addition many are anticipating the ”I Love You” music video which has a luxurious and alluring atmosphere as shown in the teaser pics. After a one year hiatus, 2NE1’s announced comeback has been a hot issue everywhere as 2NE1 always matched music fans their expectations for their promotions. 2NE1 is set to release ”I Love You” on the 5th of July followed by a ”SBS Inkigayo” comeback on the 8th.

Source: Nate

Translated By: Yasmine@WeLoveBom



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