2NE1 New Evolution in LA: 2NE1 Finishes the Concert with Surprise Appearance from Will.I.Am

2NE1 is continuing their setlist.

For the 20th song of the list, they performed “Hate You” and followed right by one of their biggest hits, “Go Away.” The fans were going wild as the concert neared the end with their biggest hits.
Their last song of the official set list was, “Can’t Nobody,” just as they had done at the New Jersey concert. The crowd went wild for the most familiar song to the fans, as it is their most recent hit next to “I Love You.”

As 2NE1 said goodnight and exited the stage, the fans chanted their name and the drum beats joined the fans, only fueling their desire for an encore. The girls came back on and threw one last party with “I Don’t Care.”

However, the fans went crazy went Will.i.am made a surprise appearance for the 2NE1 encore. The American Rap star has expressed his fondness for 2NE1 previously and his appearance only goes to confirm the beginnings of their relationship.
Will.i.am and artist Apl.de.ap were on stage for the encore performance of “I Am The Best,” which drew the attention of a lot of American fans.

Source: @kpopstarz.com


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