Project #4 Gifts Delivery – Success


Source: YGonAir me2day

After 3hours and so of waiting by the ever hardworking staff of various international fansites (namely: 2NE1Malaysia, SGBJCrew, WeLoveChaerin, ForeverWithDara), the gifts were successfully handed by our very own admin Gjie to 2NE1’s cutie manager, Jjangmae A.K.A 678! How?


How our gifts were wrapped.


How the gifts were handed to Jjangmae. (photo by ForeverWithDara)

While all the lovely fansite staff were waiting at the hotel lobby, awesome Blackjacks on Twitter kept spamming the girls to go down and meet them for the gifts! And luckily, sweetie Dara finally replied to one tweet and said that she will make it sure to get the gifts! And then not long after, Jjangmae was spotted at the lobby and then he came to the fansite admins then he handed them a letter personally written by Dara telling them “From Dara, from Dara”. That time, they also handed him over the gifts. And then Jjangmae walked away with his hands full of gifts from everyone. Here is a proof shot:


Our white bag on the left. You can tell with the gold tube dangling on the side.

So yes, definitely a success! Also if you missed, Bom was also moved by the crowd’s singing at the Twin Towers and even declared it as ‘unforgettable moment’ in her life.

CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!!! Hard work totally paid off. ♥

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