[PROJECT #6] Bom Union: 2NE1’s Comeback Support!!!


We all know that the girls would be dropping their new single soon, “Falling In Love” ! Now what?

In lieu of 2NE1’s comeback, WeLoveBom is appealing to all those Park Bom lovers out there! We are planning on giving Bom a prize for making it through the roller coaster of emotions (as per her Line Play diary posts) for the past weeks and also as to let her know we are always supporting her no matter. And of course, it is as a welcome back for 2NE1 since they have been MIA for a year now – yep, it’s been so long.

While we are cooking up something, we need your help by donating any amount you can afford. We will be joining forces with Ksite and also international fansites for the support and please write down your ideas on what to give to Bom for the comeback which is only around the corner. So don’t wait up and help us make the project a success!!!

*information about raising (Period : July 1st ~ July 14th)

How to donate:

To donate simply choose your method of donation and send us an e-mail to welovebom13@hotmail.com


Twitter id (if you have a twitter account):


(This is to keep track on the donors for the donors privileges on WLB)

1. Paypal (Worldwide)

Our paypal account: welovebom@live.com

2. Bank Deposit

For those who don’t have a paypal account, you can bank-in your money to;

@ilove2ne1girls (Philippines)

@meganz21 (Singapore)

@jiebrick (Malaysia)

@sHeranx (Indonesia)

@nikaistar (Canada)

*We will be sending you an email of the account’s owner and the account number.

IF YOUR COUNTRY IS NOT LISTED ON THE DONATION LIST, please don’t be shy and tweet to @WeLoveBom or @jiebrick so we can help you guys with the donation *^^*.

Any amount of donation is greatly appreciated, be it big or small, because every single contribution can help bring the project a step further. We’ll be grateful to accept any amount of money that you will be donating to the project. We are looking forward to everyone’s support and participation!


2 thoughts on “[PROJECT #6] Bom Union: 2NE1’s Comeback Support!!!

    1. choigjie

      Hello Amolesha,

      For our next project we will try to help by opening up more options to the donors hopefully we can get someone from Saudia Arabia to help you later ^^


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