A Fanaccount of WeLoveBom’s Master’s Cute Encounter with Bom in Singapore


First and foremost, I not really good at expressing myself but since my love for Bom is HUGE I’ll try my best ㅋㅋㅋ. As this is my first time meeting her in person I was pretty much nervous and I actually worried if she’s not comfortable with fans approaching her and invading her personal space. Anyways, I tried to give her my gift on the first try but failed because she was signing off for another fan. After she finished I asked her to take my gift.

Me: Bom, can you take this please?

Bom: Thank you

Me: Bom, can you sign for me please? *Gives my phone and silver marker to her*

(Our hands basically touched *squeals*)

Me: Can you write jie please?

Bom: jie?

Me: Yes. j-i-e.

After she’s done writing it, she looked at me probably thinking if I wanted to ask her to write anything else but since my phone cover is small (I wanted to ask her to write my twitter handler which is “박 봄 Expert” but I went against it) and there’s no place to write anymore. If I’m lucky enough I will probably ask her to write it ^^v.


Check out the fancam:


The last day of my trip to Singapore, I had the chance to see the girls again as they will be taking an earlier flight. The girls were riding the buggy to their respective gate however during that time I was busy writing my letter to Bom (I didn’t get the chance to write for all of them since I was rushing back from GD’s concert). I put my letter inside the Victoria Secret bag that I will be giving to her later.

When I approached her near the gate she was updating her twitter because I was behind her at that time ㅋㅋㅋ She was looking at the teaser photo, so adorable~ I was the only one with her at that time \(^o^)/ So I got to talk to her for quite sometime.

Me: Can you sign for me?

Bom: Okay~ *put away her phone*

She was signing the banner and she accidentally wrote it on the green paint and she made an “oh” sound with the cute facial expression and I just giggled. I asked her to write jie again and this time she looked at me again as if i wanted her to write anything else.

Me: *mumbles* Canyouwriteparkbomexpert?

Bom: huh?

Me: Can you write park bom expert? (slower)

Bom: what? sorry I don’t understand what you’re saying?

Me: /mentally facepalmed myself/ Can you write aka

Bom: a-k-a *writes aka*

Me: Park Bom

Bom: Park… B-O-M *writes her name in hangul*

Me: Expert *whispers*

Bom: sorry

Me: expert (embarrassed)

Bom: oh, expert

Me: It’s my twitter id (I’m blushing like mad and i told her this so i won’t sound like a creeper)

*gives me back the banner*

Before  she enters the gate, I shouted “Good luck for the comeback” and she said “thank you~”.


At Incheon Airport- she was holding the bag the VS bag that I gave to her

Check out the fancam below, taken by angelpilgrim

I didn’t take any photo that night when they were departing as I felt that they wanted some privacy and they were just finished with GD’s concert and had to rushed to the airport on the same night. I’ve to admit it was embarrassing of me to ask Park Bom herself to write me “박 봄 Expert” but I’m not really an expert, it’s just my twitter handler that’s all.

To be able to meet Bom in person who I spend my time updating about her everyday just feels so unreal even until today. I was absolutely surprised that she’s so friendly and easy-going, so if you ever get the chance to see them go for it :). I consider myself to be lucky as I saw her twice in less than a week ^^v. Thanks to all the new friends that I made in the process and I had a great time in Singapore ㅋㅋㅋ.

Source: me, myself and I

A/N: Guess the first person that I meet on July 1st??? 

Bingo. Park Bom!

5 thoughts on “A Fanaccount of WeLoveBom’s Master’s Cute Encounter with Bom in Singapore

  1. Angela

    Such wonderful memories… That was really an unforgettable evening – spending the first minutes of July 1 with 2NE1! I know that feeling hahaha!

  2. Nigar

    I am Bom fan, too. I have a burning desire to be in 2ne1’s concert and meet Bom personally. I hope one day I will be as lucky as you…congratulations to you :))


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