[PROJECT #7] Bom Union: “Do You Love Me?” Comeback Support


2NE1 asks ‘Do You Love Me?’ and well, we have our own way of responding to that!

For the 2nd time, international fansites for Park Bom have come together for a project in support of 2NE1’s upcoming track release ‘Do You Love Me’. Although nothing specific yet has been decided upon but this is definitely BIGGER than BOM UNION’s first project.

This project will support not only Bom but the whole 2NE1 so our goal amount has doubled up this time. WeLoveBom needs to collect $200 for this project. We hope for everyone’s help for us to make this project a huge success!

How to donate:

  • To donate simply choose your method of donation and send us an e-mail to welovebom13@hotmail.com
  • This is to give you access to WLB’s Donors Lounge.


Twitter id (if you have a twitter account):


1. Paypal (Worldwide)

Our paypal account: welovebom@live.com

2. Bank Deposit

For those who don’t have a paypal account, you can bank-in your money to;

@ilove2ne1girls (Philippines)

@meganz21 (Singapore)

@jiebrick (Malaysia)

@sHeranx (Indonesia)

@nikaistar (Canada)

*We will be sending you an email of the account’s owner and the account number.

IF YOUR COUNTRY IS NOT LISTED, please don’t be shy and tweet to @WeLoveBom or @jiebrick so we can help you guys with the donation *^^*.

Any amount of donation is greatly appreciated, be it big or small, because every single contribution can help bring the project a step further. We’ll be grateful to accept any amount of money that you will be donating to the project. We are looking forward to everyone’s support and participation!


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