2NE1 & Lee Mija, ”Unexpected Encounters”, ”Lee Mija The Senior We Look Up To”

Girlgroup 2NE1 poses with their senior Lee Mija.

On the 31st of October Dara tweeted ‘’With senior Lee Mija who we look up to In clockwise order it is Minji, Bom, Chaerin, Dara ~ 2NE1!!! Bow! ^.^’’ along with the picture of 2NE1 with senior Lee Mija who celebrated the 1000th episode of KBS ‘’Open Concert’’ together.

In the picture Lee Mija wore a blue scarf with a gentle smile on her face. With Bom and CL posing closely to her, an affectionate atmosphere was created. Both CL and Dara had shy smiles on their faces while Bom and Minji posed with their own hand gestures.

Netizens who saw the picture commented with ‘’Minji is so beautifull’’ ‘’2NE1 looks so cute next to Lee Mija’’ ‘’Unexpected encounter, looking good’’ ‘’Bom looks so pretty’’ ‘’Pretty ladies’’ and more showing a variety of reactions.

Source: Nate

Translated By: Yasmine@WeLoveBom



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