Park Bom’s Certification Shot in London, “A Queen of Dazzling Backside Legs”


2NE1‘s member, Park Bom released one of her photos in London.

On 7th, girlgroup 2NE1’s Park Bom tweeted, ‘’My Last Night in London’’ with the picture attached to it. In the picture, park bom strike a pose with london street as a background. She’s wearing her invisible hotpants and gained many admirations from her luxurious showed long legs.

Earlier, Park Bom showed off her superior beautiful legs through plain fashion or stage costume. As her backside picture in London become a topic, her past picture also gained an attention.

Netizen’s response with “Park Bom in London street is an all kill” , “I wanna switch my body with her” , “Park Bom London picture, just as a pictorial” , “Beautiful woman’s backside” and more showing a variety responses.

Meanwhile, on 5th (local time) 2NE1 had their concert at the opening “KBEE 2013” (Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo) in Old Billingsgate London, UK.

Source: Naver

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