PSY & 2NE1’s Park Bom, ”Common Things The Two Have Leads To Billboard Success”

2NE1 recently released their ‘’CRUSH’’ album which charted in the ‘’Billboard top 200’’ on the 61th place in five days. What makes this more special is that without even promoting in the US, they ranked this high being the first K-POP group to rank that high.

Prior to that, label mate ‘’PSY’’ topped the top 100 with his single ‘’Gangnam Style’’ back in 2012. Two of the top spots on the ‘’Billboard top 100’’ belongs to entertainment company YG Entertainment with two of their artists recording the highest spot ever on the charts.

Both 2NE1 and PSY had success going ‘’global’’ without trying much with promotions, however ‘’Gangnam Style’’ and 2NE1’s newest album ‘’CRUSH’’ did it effortlessly, setting new records within the Korean Music Industry. 2NE1’s title tracks ‘’COME BACK HOME’’ has become a global trend that is enjoyed by the public.

‘’Gangnam Style’’ had a music video that made watchers laugh while the song had a highly addictive beat and chorus while ‘’COME BACK HOME’’ had a M/V containing a virtual reality while the song also had an addictive melody and chorus that makes you hum along.

International singer ‘’PSY’’ and 2NE1’s Park Bom have also garnered interest with their similar backgrounds.

After finishing high school in Korea, PSY went to the United States to study. His studies started in Boston University, school of International Management. However in process he was actually fascinated by music and secretly moved to a music school without his parent’s consent, to Berkeley School of Music. While living in the US, PSY had an open mind to music and enjoyed free-spirited music.

Park Bom started singing from a young age and was involved in lots of competitions in her childhood. After 6th grade, Park Bom decided to study in the US where she studied ‘’Psychology’’ at Leslie University. But during her studies she took interest in music too and to become a singer she secretly moved to ‘’Berkeley School of Music’’ even though her parents we’re strongly against it. Today in the future, Park Bom has become succesful as a well-known singer in the group called 2NE1. That is not all, her sister Park Go Eun is also a famous cellist in Korea.

Director of the Korean institute revealed ‘’2NE1’s Park Bom has great musical talent, a great passion for music. A new experience awaits  for the vocalist in the American music world, though I predict Park Bom will definitely be noted in the Korean Wave.’’

**slightly rough

Source: Nate

Translated By: Yasmine@WeLoveBom


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