YG’s Official Statement in Regards to Bom’s Case


Before beginning, YG explains that this incident has something to do w/ an extremely traumatic experience Bom had. This “traumatic experience” was a secret to all of YGE artist and staff, only Bom, YG, and her family were aware.

“I’ve known 2NE1 for 9 years including trainee days & from what I know, none of them smoke/drink; only on occasions. With that being said, I was appalled & speechless to wake up to ‘Park Bom Drug Smuggler’. At first I hesitated to even speak up about this because it’s just such non-sense. But thinking of 2NE1’s  fans and Bom who is like a foolish little sister to me, I couldn’t just watch quietly.  As a child growing up in U.S. with a dream of becoming a soccer player, Bom witnessed the death of her team mate. After Bom witnessed the death of a close friend, she grew up with intense therapy & was prescribed the drug in U.S. Bom gave up her dream as a soccer player & auditioned with YG when she visited Korea. She failed to pass , but auditioned 3 more times the following year before getting accepted. She stood out to me. I remember her distinctly because she came one day and said ‘I will not become a singer unless it’s with YGE’. I know it seems pointless to be telling you of how I met her, but it deems appropriate because I myself  had no idea of Bom traumatic past until 4 years ago when her father came to me & told me. I never would have guessed she played soccer nor went through this trauma. As she became a star in Korea, Bom never had the time to resume therapy at the reknowned university hospital back home in the U.S. and her only option was to receive the drug (medecine) by mail from her mother & grandmother, who receive the medication in place of Bom. The drug (medecine) that was being sent through air mail resulted in a problem once the drug became restricted. Fortunately, all records of Bom’s therapy/prescriptions from the university hospital in U.S. have been preserved on file.

Q: Was it aware of the med being a drug?

YG: Do you think Bom’s mother and grandmother would have sent it to her knowingly? And how many people actually know what their medication prescribed by their doctors consists of chemically?

The only thing Bom was aware of was that the medication she needed was not available in Korea and had it shipped. I haven’t been able to see Bom and 2NE1 lately, but of all the times, I ran into her last night & saw her crying. It was seeing her cry all night (from news) that made me question whether I should bring up her painful past again. I am uneasy bringing up Bom’s painful past like this and apologize for any trouble we have caused. We look forward to seeing everyone with more positive news soon.

Thank you.


Sincerely, Yang Hyunsuk.”

Credit: big_seughyun

7 thoughts on “YG’s Official Statement in Regards to Bom’s Case

  1. mau

    narcotics is just like sleeping pills here in US its normal to take for those people who are cant sleep and stress.in korea its illegal and its a big deal? oh come on! dont you dare ruin my park bom i think they jealous cause park bom is getting so much attention and shes gaining her popularity. i hope this news will gone like a bubble. i still love park bom no matter what.

  2. clau

    I choose to believe her for taking the drugs for medical purpose. Yes, no matter what, we love you as always. Be strong.

  3. mike.choi

    If you read English, please post and share this with everyone you know… I can’t believe Koreans really blew this so out of proportion and twisted the story… I feel really bad for Bom, who not only probably still deals with this trauma from her teenage years, but now has to deal with the stupid people of the Korean media… smh… Be strong, Bom…



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