Koreaboo: “Proof Backing YG’s Statement Regarding Park Bom’s Case”

tumblr_inline_n80g2wZbUD1qzb80bEarlier today, we reported that news broke out in Korea claiming 2NE1’s Park Bom was previously caught for smuggling large amounts of narcotics back in October 2010.

Yang Hyunsuk, the CEO of YG Entertainment, then wrote a personal letter to fans saying, “I wanted to explain the report of misunderstanding that has suddenly spread since yesterday night.”

In the letter, he explains the reason Park Bom required prescribed drugs: “As fans already know, Park Bom spent a long time in the US, before 2NE1’s debut, where she dreamed of being a soccer player for a certain time. However, she directly witnessed a close friend dying during a game, and after that, Bom spent difficult days grieving and in shock. It was difficult for her to handle at a young age, and received psychological counseling and treatment, and used drugs that were prescribed to her by a famous university hospital in the US.”


Now, fans (1) (2) (3) have uncovered proof backing Yang Hyunsuk’s statement with newspaper archives via Google. In the articles, a student by the name of Jenny Park is mentioned for a story on Gould Academy’s top athletes in their soccer team by Sun Journal. The quote reads, “Jenny Park, a sophomore from Seoul, Korea, received the junior varsity coach’s award.” (Dated December 8, 1998)

Park Bom, whose American name is Jenny Park, is a known alumna of Gould Academy, with the official Twitter account of the school even tweeting for her single, “Don’t Cry”.



Now, in another article by the same Sun Journal, dated October 7, 2000, an article reads the morbid title,“Young soccer player’s death ruled result of aneurysm”.

In the article, the journalist describes how emotional the incident was for students at Gould. The headmaster for Gould Academy revealed in a statement, “We stood on the spot and had a very emotional 45 minutes there.”

From the statement Yang Hyunsuk has released and the articles through Sun Journal, it appears clear that the case was suspended by the prosecutor in charge of the case for just reasons.

Source: Koreaboo


2 thoughts on “Koreaboo: “Proof Backing YG’s Statement Regarding Park Bom’s Case”

  1. luvsushi

    I’ve read the retweeted Bommie’s Don’t Cry vid from Gould Academy long time ago. Anyways, K-netz…if u hate her so much, go on and dig about her past and we’ll see if u guys succeeds in putting her down *rolled eyes*.

  2. Angiepandabear

    Bom do not worry baby, us Blackjacks will be there for u, especially me. I feel so bad for Bom due to this whole scandal. If Knetz hate they will not know what is coming their way. I luve u Bom.


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