Park Bom Will Not Attend “Roommate” Filming


2NE1 member Park Bom will not be attending next week’s filming for the variety show “Roommate.

On July 5, Park Bom said through her agency, YG Entertainment, “I am very sorry to all for having a great controversy because of me. Because I feel terrible, I don’t have the confidence to film for ‘Roommate’.”

Representatives of “Roommate” confirmed her statement that she will not participate in next week’s filming. However, Park Bom will not be edited out of the episodes she had already filmed, and will appear in a few episodes for the next few weeks.

Last week Park Bom was caught up in controversies regarding an alleged drug smuggling case and rumored falsification of information regarding her real age.

Source: soompie


7 thoughts on “Park Bom Will Not Attend “Roommate” Filming

  1. cher

    me too… she’s the reason i’m watching it. it gets boring without her around. i’m still looking forward to the sherlock bom episode , though, i HOPE they are not going to edit that. ;(

  2. hapacalgirl

    I think this is the best decision for her right now. I just hope once she has had some time to collect her thoughts and take a breather that she comes back to the show and the others treat her just like they always have.

  3. Catherine Cubid Deles

    park bom is the only reason why i’m watching roommate……….sorry but true………. she’s the real deal……..what you see is what you get, that’s her…… park bom stay strong and we’ll be right here to support you , dara,cl and minzy…….. 4EVER2NE1……!!!!!!!

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