Lee Deokhwa Mistaken Park Bom as a Singer From SM Entertainment


Actor Lee Deokhwa mistaken 2NE1’s member Park Bom to be under SM Entertainment.

On the episode of SBS ‘Good Sunday – Roommate’ broadcasted on the 6th, Lee Deokhwa visited the roommate house due to Lee Dongwook’s invitation.

Park Bom worried how to call the actor but ended up calling him oppa (older brother) which evoked laughter.

Also, Park Bom took a picture with Lee Deokhwa and delightly said she’ll send it to their president. Lee Deokhwa then asked her “I’m friends with your president. You’re also from SM Entertainment right?” which shocked Park Bom.

Park Bom who bursted out laughing replied “Ttirori! I’m from YG” then Lee Deokwa explained “My mistake. I saw your CEO a lot of times back then. We didn’t work together but I saw him a lot. He appeared on numerous shows.”

Source: Nate News

Translated by: Cathy@WeLoveBom.com

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