2NE1′s Fun Interview with Excite Music Japan


2NE1 recent addiction that worries you this season, please briefly introduce!

CL:  My cat, Donut-chan appeared in the music video of ‘CRUSH’. I have 3 cats, I sleep& play with them all the time

Bom: Sticker pads that reduce the size of my face. (Most probably the one she used in ‘Roommate’) the stickers help with blood circulation so that I can have a small face, I’m addicted to it.  It’s korean made and not mass produced so it’s regrettable that it’s not easily available at other countries.

Dara: Japan Movies. I like movies of Japan, since I’m also learning Japanese, hence I’m also watching them well. The recent movie I watch was “Dried Fish Woman” 【Hotaru no Hikari】, it was pretty interesting. Story was nice and actors came out pretty good.

Minzy: Going to college. I’m a college student now, but I love to study and it’s so much fun to go to school.  It’s sad for me that we’re having summer vacation now. I am happy to receive a lot of ‘A’ for the test before the vacation. To get good results, you have to study!

translated by: 2NE1SG

video re-uploaded by: donnyroyalty

source: excite_music

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