Translations of Bom Cut on Roommate Episode 11


Nana measured her weight and she’s 52 kg

Nana: I gained weight..

Bom: What are you saying? I weigh more than that!


Soohyun doesnt believe that Bom weighs more than 52kg


BsaGet1CUAEu7G1Roommate Cast were talking about their futur trip

Sora: Where should we go?

Bom: Sauna!

 Sungwoo: Sauna is the thing that I hate the most in the world.


Sora: Let’s go fishing!

Bom: /laughs/ I can’t touch fish…. /everyone laughs/ 


Bom to Seho: You said you’re not going to drink alcohol but when you called me, you said you were going to drink.


Bom talks then Kang Jun starts talking

Bom: Can’t you let me finish talking first?

Kangjun: Okay~

Bom: What a short answer…


Bom: Are you from Busan?Why are you so blunt?

Kangjun: Turn to the back page.

Bom: See! Youre talking abt different thing.


Bom wears ahjumma pants

Bom: This is freaking funny Kangjun.

Noona lets wear this.

Bom: What?!? Okay,its not bad though.


Bom: I want this. Please buy this for me!


Bom and Gayeon listening to Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, Lips in their room. Bom’s also styling Gayeon outfit.


Bom: Its so good!! I’ll show you what style is!

Gayeon keeps on moving

Bom: Hey! Stay still!


Chanyeol: Bom noona!

Bom: Please help me with this.

Chanyeol: You’re taking all of those with you?


Chanyeol’s team is playing 2NE1’s I am the Best inside the car

Chanyeol: 2NE1’s~ Naega jeil jalnaga!


Bom: Are you good in driving?

Minwoo: Of course.

Bom: I believe you.


Minwoo and Kangjun are talking to each other and Bom cant understand

Bom: What are they talking about? Ttirorirori.


Bom: Do you know the guy that I like Kim Tan? Kim Tan. I will talk about him a lot from now on.


Bom: Did you ask about it? I keep asking you but you dont reply.

Minwoo: I didn’t hear.

Bom: Then hear it.


They noticed Gayeon is so quiet

Bom: The kid’s not saying anything.. she’s not saying anything.


Kangjun: Bom nuna, you look like youre in bad mood. Are you having a hard time?

Bom: No. There’s no water thats why


Soohyun caught a fish

Bom: Wow!!! Its so big


Bom: I want to catch just one please!!

Sungwoo: Bom look over there!

Bom: Where? Oh i see you! /fails to catch it/


Soohyun: It would be nice if we will be like a real family

Bom nods


Bom: It would be nice to go here with my boyfriend!

Translated by: Cathy@WeLoveBom


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