Park Bom Will No Longer be in “Roommate”


2NE1 member Park Bom will be leaving the variety show “Roommate.”

On July 24, Baek Jung Ryeol of SBS’s “Roommate” revealed that “Park Bom’s last appearance will be on July 27. She didn’t participate in the filming, so there was nothing for us to film of her. It is true that she is leaving the show.”

News of Park Bom being investigated for smuggling drugs resurfaced this past June. Although the investigation happened four years ago, the scandal erupted and caused more questions and controversy around Park Bom. Despite YG CEO Yang Hyun Suk trying to clarify the situation, people have been curious as to whether or not Park Bom would still appear in “Roommate.”

Baek Jung Ryeol added “There are no plans to have Park Bom participate any further. There were no discussions about it. We edited Park Bom out of many parts in the upcoming episode. All of this is because it is a legal controversy.”

source: Soompi

9 thoughts on “Park Bom Will No Longer be in “Roommate”

  1. luvsushi

    K-netz and Saegyo Ilbo are the beasts! I just couldn’t believe i won’t be seeing #bodong again. My heart bleeds. #bombackhome

    1. PamelaR

      I totally support you! R.I.P. Roommate, not watching it anymore if Bom isn’t in it. Although I liked the cast, I was excited to see if Bodong was real or if something was going to happen between Dong Wook and Bom, but their relationship didn’t even developed because of how fast this all happened.. but its just sad, cuz I love Bom and I begun watching the show because of her. I just don’t have the same motivation as before.

    2. Harajuku

      That’s too much for PD roommate. They cut out all of Bommie Unnie’s part and I saw about her in Roommate ep 12 too. It’s good thing that Unnie won’t be back to that stupid variety show. Please YG!! More 2ne1tv please! It’ll be daebak if there are another season.

      1. emma05lee

        the 13th episode was ridiculous. they literally only showed her speaking one time, and it was when she said something about Seho when he was dancing. Zero shots of just her. When they asked Baekyun which of the noonas he liked, they showed the floating head icons of all of the girls on the bottom of the screen EXCEPT Bommie. If I hadnt been specifically searching for her, I wouldnt have even noticed she was in the same room as them. I thought in her last hoorah for the show theyd at least show her a little bit, but no. Complete BS

  2. grace (@grax78)

    got confused on the reports some says its temporary. it may not rate on there national ratings but roommate internationally is watch by blackjacks but if she’ll not appear in future episodes its for sure korean blackjacks and there international blackjack won’t support the show anymore. its not park bom’s loss if they axed her on the show fans has already seen her being a natural on screen.

    1. Rian Gatela

      I’m also confused for some of the reports says ‘for the time being only ‘…. Oh Gosh my heart’s bleeding knowing she’s not there anymore 😭😭😭

  3. Anjana

    i totally became her Fan after watching roommate… its really their loss and not Bom unnie’s. i really loved BODONG though. Still ship for them!!


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