Fantaken Photos of Gorgeous and Adorable Park Bom for Galaxy Stage in Myanmar Press Conference

Bt9fEzWCQAAV4DI 10502066_750654938314615_54517070350425901_n

10347398_914328528593835_97009047946181970_n 10517564_914325061927515_268001766124901588_n 10525617_914324951927526_2034407312290264453_n 10534730_914329048593783_3682684800371426596_n 10569001_914333581926663_8689700663191391143_n 10569069_914328468593841_1630982297672988354_n 10557231_914333588593329_7664471458927150420_n 10592788_914328938593794_4071053773449021746_n

Source: Magic KOOK + K-pop Fans Myanmar + Kay_jelly11 + the2ne1hour


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