[ADMIN POST] Rules Regarding Bom-Related Things (MUST READ)


Hello fellow Bombshells,

Please take time to read this amidst it being a long post, thank you.

As all of you know, it’s been a tough time for us fans and it’s pretty clear it will be a while before we see better days. Like they say ‘’after rain there’s always a rainbow following’’, which means better days will definitely come but we need to have patience for that to happen.

As the leaders (don’t take it in a cocky way- WeLoveBom is the first successful international site specially for Bom) of the (international wise) Bombshell community, we have a task which includes protecting Bom and her image and recently it hasn’t been going well so I- personally as the Admin would like to write a few things about the issues and I hope Bombshells will follow simple rules.

Now after Bom’s scandal, there’s not much positivity surrounding her and it’s heart breaking for us fans but we aren’t her fans for nothing- we have been here from day one and will definitely be by her side until whenever. YG Entertainment and Dispatch have pretty much cleared up the issue but for some it’s still not enough and the hate continues but it’s alright we got Bom her back.

So basically staff have been alert on whatever things spread related to Bom and amidst warnings, fans/non fans still spread the things and it simply backfires- something we have been trying to avoid for a while. International fans have been trying to bring back Bom’s positive image by mingling with netizens in Korea but amidst our tries, all things have backfired completely and brought actually more damage- which was not something we went for.

Now many ask why we would bother what Korea thinks and I want to say, 2NE1 is based in Korea- Bom is based in Korea. We- international fandom can say things easily and actually mean it but let’s not forget she is based in Korea, anything happening there is actually affecting her so we need to try hard to get her positive image back up there in her home country. K-Bombshells have been quiet, why do you fans think they have been quiet?

With this post I want to try and avoid these things in the near future and I hope you all cooperate with us. We don’t need more things then we already have on our plate so please understand. Here’s a list which might actually help Park Bom’s image;


  • Don’t spread anything related to Bom- at least think twice before you do.

Recently the post about Bom’s stylist was spread around- something we tried to avoid. The results- people actually calling out the stylist which made her put her Instagram account to private mode.

Now we understand some of you think otherwise since the international fandom took her post the positive way- but in Korea it was taken the negative way.

Why would we care about that?

The stylist isn’t based internationally –same like the issue stated above, she’s in her own country- South Korea. Someone that isn’t in the spotlight actually got hate to the point she had to put her account to private mode- all because her post was spread. I’m not blaming this directly at anyone but please reflect. We didn’t just hurt Bom- but we actually hurt the people around her too.

It’s nice how the ones around her she loves dearly actually support her and protect her. In the future if someone does post something, let’s look at it quietly rather then screencapping it and spreading it on social media.

  • Don’t spread malicious rumours without a base.

The rule speaks for itself, at a time like this we don’t need rumours to be spread that don’t have a legit source or are neither confirmed to be true. We saw something going around about Bom’s relationship status with the same gender and it’s pure trash and we honestly do question why someone would spread it but on that note please don’t and think carefully about it. If the rumour is not confirmed, keep it in your chamber of rumours.

  • If you support Bom, that’s wonderful but if you don’t please don’t bother the ones standing right beside Bom and vice versa.

Basically fandom wars, we have seen plenty happening and I would like to say that if you stan Bom that’s really nice but if you don’t please don’t bother Bom or her fans. Same goes for Bombshells, don’t bother with people that disagree with your opinion. We want love to spread, not hate.


Please do not crop out credits/tags out of fantaken pictures and use them for your own things. This is something not only for Bom fans, but for 2NE1 fans as a whole.

Korean Blackjacks work hard to go to events or places the girls are at and make effort to take pictures and actually SHARE it with the international fandom. Please respect the fan site masters; don’t edit or crop out their logo. It’s disrespectful; please reflect on it.

If it happens again, Korean Blackjacks have already notified us that if it does happen again they will stop sharing their pictures with the International fandom, so please take note and do not crop or edit out their logos.

These are basically the important things we should be cautious about. We don’t need to spread any BS things, we need to think carefully about the things we spread/post- Bom related. We need to be careful as a whole and think about possible things that could happen. At a time like this we need to quietly stand beside Bom and shower her with love, nothing else then that is needed and this way we are protecting Bom- even though we’re not near her we can protect her from a far.

I hope this post shed some light and any confusion is cleared up and I hope many of you follow the things mentioned. We sincerely love Park Bom and we will always be right beside her no matter what.


WeLoveBom Staff.

9 thoughts on “[ADMIN POST] Rules Regarding Bom-Related Things (MUST READ)

  1. NickiTojo

    Seeing this just made me sad all of a sudden. I just hope this cup can pass over us soon so we can go back to freely sharing the joy of Bom in public again. Thanks for this post. Lets keep the Bom love alive. Fighting!

  2. sendaljustpit

    Hello iam Indonesian,thanks for this articel to remembering us what should we do to get her positive her image back, we will always be right beside her no matter what and we will support her from here. Spread love for our bommie from Bomshells Indonesia ^^

  3. mike.choi

    Unintentionally, I think some fans are just quick to react and as you saw, this can backfire. Think about what 2NE1/YG officially is doing about all this. Nothing. Exactly. Nothing, be quiet about it, wait for it boil over. And so fans should do the same…

    Why? Think back a few years ago with the Tablo incident. Look it up if you don’t know, but in a nutshell, some low-life guy claimed he didn’t graduate with a Bachelors+Masters Degree in 5 years from Stanford University in USA. Instead of just ignoring it or letting it boil over, he and his fans, and others kept trying to defend it, and “prove” it, but it fell on unreasonable and illogical ears (if the Registrar of Stanford Univ. goes on TV to publicly say he did graduate from their college, with a printout of his transcript, what more proof do you need? Exactly, there was no logic and no reasonable netizens at all). He feared for his life and family (wife + newborn daughter) and it was a dark time for him. But eventually, as you know, he is very successful and loved again (and now at YG as Bom’s labelmate). Meanwhile his anti-fans and netizens are still low-lifers who just go on witchhunts to find the next witch to crucify.

    So similar situation here. You can prove all you want about Bom’s prescriptions or whatnot, but they are not going to believe it or hear it. It’s pointless. So best to be quiet about it… And that’s what YG/2NE1’s official line is. They haven’t said another word after YG’s single letter to the public. And that’s what I would do if I were in his shoes. YG is a very smart businessman and leader. He has handled crisis like this before (with GD and Daesung).

    And I’m glad YG also made the smart decision (plus their activities in Japan was already planned before any of this happened) to try to keep them out of Korea media in the mean time. Good thing they are on a world concert tour and activities in Japan, so the timing couldn’t have been better.

    While I am angry at the netizens that do these witch hunts, I never reply back to them even if I can (I am bilingual Korean/English) and even if I badly want to. No need to feed the fire; I know how these things go. They never go well… You just end up digging a bigger hole for yourself. So I’m glad someone posted up a message like this. I hope someone in Korea (official fanclub in Korea) has the same stance.

    Do something more productive, such as buying Bom’s “Don’t Cry” single– which I saw people do and got it to rise to the charts again (in mid-2014 for a song 3 years old!). That is much more productive than trying to defend Bom against a horde of witch hunters.

    Thank you.

    -Mike Choi / New York, USA

  4. mike.choi

    One more thing: Please don’t spam the SBS Roommate staff/producer or do these petitions to bring her back on the show… That’s an example of something you should just do nothing about. Why?

    If you are a fan and support her, support her and her agency’s decision for her to not film for the show. For whatever reasons, she and/or they made that decision. Just because you personally want to see her on the show for your enjoyment, it doesn’t mean you should force her to do something she and/or her agency doesn’t want to do. That’s a selfish thing to do.

    Respect and support her decision, whatever it may be. Sure, I’m bummed too. But I’m also glad that they are still continuing their concert and activities. It could have been worse…

  5. Jessel Jade Valenzuela

    I agree with the admin. We need to respect the privacy of bom and all the people around her especially we really need to respect her, because each of us has our own flaws in life because we are not perfect. There’s a saying that ” If you want to be respected, respect others first!” And please do respect the admin. They’re working hard for this site and you guys are just there just to ruined it. If you don’t like 2ne1 “bom”, if you don’t like the website, if you don’t like the way the admin runs this site just please mind your own business and stop doing such things that will ruined the site.

    To all Bom’s bashers or let’s say haters or let’s say those people who wants to pull her down, just look on your own flaws, ask yourself, AM I PERFECT? Cause I know even you guys knew that you are NOT! Just mind your own business. You will not be happy if you keep on doing it. And remember WHAT YOU REAP IS WHAT YOU SOW! If for you Bom is not good, then just leave her alone, because no matter how you pull her down, we, the blackjacks will pull her up over and over and over again.

    To the Admin, Yasmine…
    You have our support. We will support you. And thank you so much for having this site and for making this message so that everybody will be aware of what they are doing.

    To Bom
    Don’t give up! Stay strong! We are just here, still supporting you. Always remember if there are a lot of people hates you because of what they see and what they know, just let them because we your fans are just here to support and love you all the way. If you have a lot of haters always remember the support and love of your fans are like flood that no one can control. No one can stop. We love you Bom! We love you so much! And we are praying for you, ALWAYS! Take good care of yourself because we care for you. All the bad things that you will hear or heard from the people that hates you, make it as your stepping stone to be more successful person. Always remember the more that people pull you down as long as you don’t hurt them and as long as you stay humble GOD WILL PULL YOU UP!

    We love you BOM!

    Jade from Philippines

  6. Boms#1

    👏👌 Very well said. Agreed 💯% I’ll do my Best to be a Great Bombshell 💣 Love💕 my Bommie and want the Best for Her😊


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