140830 HQ Fantaken Photos of Stunning Bom at “YG Family Power Tour Concert in Shanghai” (Batch 3)


BwZTXl_CAAAXKa4 ea477a29gw1ejvssf8i7dj20pb0o1to1 70675251jw1ejv81a9n9xj20m80gogpm 70675251jw1ejv81b6fwij20m80gowhh ea477a29gw1ejvsny1zgrj21kw11x79t ea477a29gw1ejvsp8dnsoj20pl0o4jxf ea477a29gw1ejvsq1yshij215z0o0n4k ea477a29gw1ejvsq5x04mj20zf0o3q8q ea477a29gw1ejvssat2udj20zh0o4n30

Source:  pozic + 腻腻家的煮饭婆 + 哈利亲Jxharry + aaaxiaoni + Ghost小玉 + 阿霜霜霜霜儿 + 宋楠_sn + 胜铉兔叽U + ssangpark双朴中文首站 + aaaared


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